Debt Help Sought After Dark

Published on 1 January 1970 by Raffick Marday

Those worried about their debts are seeking advice in the middle of the night, a leading debt charity reveals.

Almost fifty thousand people used the Consumer Credit Counselling Service’s (CCCS) online counselling service between midnight and seven in the morning last year, their figures show.

The service, CCCS Debt Remedy, helps those in debts deal with these problems, and 3.65 percent of the total number who used the service last year used it during these late hours.

The peak time in this late time period is between midnight and one in the morning, with 15,066 using the helpline during this hour last year.

The hour between 4-5am saw the fewest number of people counselled, however there were still 3,500 accessing the service at this time.

“Dealing with unmanageable debt is incredibly stressful so it is not surprising that so many are kept awake worrying about their debts,” commented Paula Searle, CCCS head of E-Services.

“I am glad that CCCS Debt Remedy is there to provide the advice they need, whatever the time of day or night they need it.”

Debt Statistics

Figures from Credit Action’s April debt statistics report showed the charity dealt with 8,004 new debt problems each working day in February 2011.

The average household debt in the UK stands at £8,428 excluding mortgages, and this increases to £16,207 when this is based on the number of households who have some form of unsecured loan.

455 new people became unemployed for more that 12 months every day during the 12 months to end January 2011, and 1,545 people said they were made redundant every day during the three months to end January.

The statistics show the average person will save £2.73 every day, and it now costs £66.45 on average to fill a 50 litre tank with unleaded petrol.


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