Crossing the Sea with National Ferry Fortnight

Published on 1 January 1970 by Raffick Marday

Travelling by ferry has always had its benefits but for the inexperienced, national ferry fortnight is set to provide the extra encouragement and incentive.

Prepaid cards for holidaysRunning until March 16, the fortnight encourages the many advantages associated with travelling by ferry. This includes highlighting “the ease, value and flexibility of ferry travel” as part of the 'ferry familiar' theme. It also comprises various promotions and discounts during this time, to ensure an even cheaper deal and rewarding experience.

Currently, more than 34 million people travel by ferry to and from the UK, giving a strong indication of its success and popularity. So just what has the traditional ferry got over its airport-based competition?

First of all, there are services and facilities in a ferry that are seldom found on a plane. More than being free to walk around, operators are proud to boast the various services of each ferry. This includes shops and restaurants, providing plenty to do before you even arrive at your destination.

Furthermore, drive-on ferries are much cheaper and hassle free. Your average ferry is one of the cheapest transport options around. If you include online and advanced booking discounts, a trip to France can be as little as a pound a mile. This also covers up to four people in a standard car, whereas most other transport options are arguably much more expensive.

Likewise, waiting times are often around 30 minutes, much shorter than those at an airport. This is because there are fewer procedures to go through, such as loading luggage or extensive security checks. It’s a simple matter of driving on, enjoying the services and entertainment on deck, then driving off when you arrive.

However you choose to travel overseas, it is wise to buy your travel money in advance rather than at your point of departure, where rates are generally more expensive.


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