Pay As You Go Credit Card: Tell Your Friends

Published on 1 January 1970 by Raffick Marday

Brits are no longer embarrassed to discuss money and debt issues new research shows as a quarter would share their debt worries with friends.

Compare pay as you go credit cards to help budgeting and prevent over-spending.

According to a survey conducted by topics that were traditionally taboo to openly talk about have become less so as over a third of the nation are now happy to discuss their salary with friends and family, and 20 percent would talk about their bonus.

Furthermore, while many are content to talk about their debts, the survey showed 33 percent say there is no shame in having them and nearly one in five say the same about bankruptcy.

“Some may see it as a sign of shamelessness, but for many Brits it’s a case of desperate times calling for desperate measures,” said Ann Robinson,’s director of consumer policy.

“However, whereas in the past we would have kept quiet about the steps we’re taking, today our attitudes towards discussing how we stay afloat have relaxed considerably.”

Furthermore, a massive 92 percent of Brits think shopping in budget shops is acceptable, and 87 percent would not be ashamed to buy second-hand as for 82 percent getting the best possible prices is more important than saving face.

Despite this however, 44 percent would not be happy to tell anyone they had been to a pawnbrokers’, 37 percent would tell their partner while only four percent who would use a pawnbroker would not mind people knowing about it.

Pay As You Go Credit Card

If you are in debt or have cash flow problems, a good way to monitor your everyday spending and aid budgeting is to use a pay as you go credit card.

This type of card enables a user to preload the card with a sum of money, perhaps the month’s shopping budget, to then use as you would a debit or credit card.

The card does not allow the user to spend more than is on the card so getting into debt is impossible.


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