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Published on 1 January 1970 by Raffick Marday

In a bid to save money on energy bills a recent survey revealed 20 percent of Brits admit to cuddling up with their partner instead of turning the heating up.

If you are looking for ways to save money this winter a prepaid credit card could help you budget your monthly income.

On average it costs £30 to turn the heating up by one degree; if people resisted it could mean savings amounting to £770 million, Quidco found.

While one in five cuddle to keep warm, the same number installed double glazing as an alternative, and 40 percent surveyed said they would put another jumper on to keep warm rather than turn the heating up by one degree.

“While we shouldn’t need an excuse to cuddle up to our partners, the saving of potentially hundreds of pounds on energy bills makes for a good case,” said Hannah Green, Quidco PR manager.

“Saving money is easy once you know how. With keeping warm in particular, there are so many alternatives to turning up the heating which your bank balance will thank you for.”

An additional 20 percent admitted to using a hot water bottle in a bid to save on bills, 18 percent invested in an energy monitor to identify energy intensive activities and 55 percent only filled the kettle with the water they needed.

Furthermore, 20 percent of people said they had changed the way they pay their bills by switching to a monthly direct debit, and 69 percent bought energy efficient light bulbs.

As many prepare to receive their first Annual Energy Statement from their energy provider consumers are being urged to review the statement to understand their usage so they can prepare for the next year’s bills.

Compare Prepaid Cards Online

As winter bills threaten to cause more financial concerns for the British population, many are searching for ways to reduce their outgoings to save money.

A pre-pay card is a good way to help budget as you can transfer income onto it at the beginning of the month so you know how much you want to spend and can stick to it.


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