Comfort is top priority for airline passengers

Published on 1 January 1970 by Raffick Marday

Uncomfortable seats and limited legroom have been named as the top gripes among those travelling by plane, according to a new study.

compare travel cardsA poll of 2000 airline passengers by TripAdvisor found that being uncomfortable on a flight beat high fares and even delays to the number one spot in a survey that aimed to unearth the top grievances among airline passengers.

Almost four in ten respondents (38%) said that airline should strive to provide “more legroom”, deeming this the best thing they could do to improve the in-flight experience.

With comfort a top priority for travellers, well over half of those polled said they have previously paid extra for a better seat.

Airline fees were hot on the heels of uncomfortable seats, with respondents naming fees associated with checked baggage, carry-on baggage and seat selection the most irksome.

“Flyers continue to voice concerns about the challenges associated with air travel, such as extra fees and limited legroom,” said Bryan Saltzburg, General Manager of TripAdvisor Flights.

“However, it seems equally clear that these challenges are not limiting the increasing demand for flights.”

Passengers are doing what they can to keep the overall cost of flying to a minimum, with 81% of air travellers saying they would be happy to go without in-flight entertainment if it meant their trip would be significantly cheaper.

In addition, 63% of passengers said they would not be willing to pay more to sit in a designated quiet section of the aircraft.

This follows research from ABTA which shows that speeding up check-in and security would dramatically improve passenger experience at the airport.

Faster check-in at the airport came up trumps, with 52% of consumers saying this would improve their journey through the airport, while 48% said speeding up security would do the same.

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