Cashplus launch Cashback Rewards scheme giving you £32.50 cashback with Sky TV

Published on 1 January 1970 by Raffick Marday

With a great many services to pay for each month, it can be inefficient and time-consuming to make payments in person or over the phone. For many subscriptions, bank accounts are required along with a credit or debit card. Using a credit card for payments can be costly if the balance is not paid off in full every month due to interest charges.

For those who don’t have access to a bank account and therefore traditional payment methods, some subscription services may also be out of reach. This is where a prepaid card can help. Prepaid cards are guaranteed to be issued to anyone who applies for one (subject to terms and conditions) and no credit checks are carried out. Therefore, if a person has a bad credit rating, a prepaid MasterCard card becomes a viable option. It’s a failsafe way to keep track of finances and allows people to take up subscription services which otherwise may not have been available to them.

Using a card such as the Cashplus prepaid Gold MasterCard®, the user can simply load up their card with enough money to cover their subscriptions for the month and then rest easy that there will be enough money available to cover the cost. In this way, a Cashplus prepaid card can act as a great alternative to a bank account. This offers good flexibility for those who need to get their wages paid electronically but do not have a standard banking relationship.

For those who do have access to traditional payment methods, the Cashplus prepaid card can still be a useful alternative. This is especially the case if someone is concerned about using a debit or credit card online. Other convenient features include a secure Members’ Area where customers can access their account online and check their balance with free online statements available 24/7. Changes can be made to standing orders and deposits made onto the card can be checked. Keeping track of upcoming standing orders is easy and so payments are much less likely to be missed.

A further benefit of using a Cashplus prepaid card to manage subscription services is the Cashback Rewards scheme. This means that those people who choose to set up Sky TV, for example, can get as much as £32.50 cashback. This makes using a prepaid card both convenient and financially worthwhile.

Therefore, a good solution in making subscription payments more accessible is a prepaid card. Those who have been previously excluded due to their banking relationship are now able to access a wealth of subscription services. However, a host of added benefits mean that this method of managing subscriptions can be beneficial to everyone.

Cashplus is now offering the Cashplus prepaid MasterCard for free from Compare Prepaid, just complete the online application form and top up a minimum of £10 on your account to make your account live. Click here for Free Cashplus Prepaid Card


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