Canadian Multi-Currency Prepaid Card

Published on 19 January 2017 by Raffick Marday

What Do You Know About The Canadian Multi-Currency Prepaid Card For Travellers?
How often do you use Air Canada for your travels? And did you know that Air Canada partnered with CIBC to launch the unique CIBC Air Canada Conversion prepaid card? Apart from the fact it is one of a kind in the world of air travel and general trade, the card also promises its subscribers unique packages not available with any other travel or shopping card around.

For instance, the card offers one of the most flexible as well as cost-effective currency exchange rates around the world. The most important thing is that the CIBC card services are borderless and you get to enjoy its benefits regardless of the world economy you are currently visiting.

Here are some of the other advantages of the CIBC AC prepaid card

It supports ten currencies

If you are like most regular travellers, the biggest nuisance during your travelling escapades is based on the fact that you will have to constantly buy and exchange foreign currencies to make purchases. This not only eats on to your time but also makes your stay unenjoyable. But what if there was a way of buying and disposing of extra foreign currencies within the tap of a screen.

The CIBC Air Canada is app regulated, and you can buy and dispose of foreign currencies from your hotel room or travel adventures. Furthermore, the card comfortably accommodates over ten leading global currencies thereby easing your travels and purchases around the world.

No hidden costs

The primary reason most people continually shy away from the conventional prepaid cards is that of the hidden costs attributed to most of these cards. The CIBC prepaid card, however, ensures transparency considering the fact that you can check the given fixed currency conversion rates at a particular time before incurring them.

Additionally, the card holders are treated to one free ATM withdrawal per country every month. The fact that the cards are Visa enabled means that users can enjoy the free withdrawal service in any of the travel company’s 200 travel destinations across the world. The card serves international traders best as they can comfortably tour the globe, and pay for goods or services across the world. Plus unlike other client-specific prepaid cards in use across the world, CIBC AC card holders aren’t subjected to extra costs when retail shopping around the world.

App management

The card holder has total control over and direct access to their prepaid virtual wallet using a mobile application. This allows them to transfer funds between currencies with ease in addition to checking account balances and tracking purchase activities.

Bottom line

The prepaid card market has come of age, and so the recent developments are just an indication of the influence prepaid card payment methods command in the global markets. It first started with the legalisation of overdrafts to prepaid cardholders in the USA and now the introduction of multicurrency prepaid cards with highly competitive charges and currency rates. Moving forward prepaid card holders can only brace for even more positive prepaid card experiences within the industry.


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