Cabin baggage size shrinks for easyJet flyers

Published on 1 January 1970 by Raffick Marday

The confusing world of what you can and can’t take onboard a plane with you just got even more difficult to navigate with an announcement by easyJet that the company is altering its cabin luggage size restrictions.


The rules for carry-on bags are already a minefield for flyers as each aeroplane has different dimensions and weight restrictions for the bags you can take on-board with you.

Now the popular budget airline has said that it is reducing the size of bags that you will be guaranteed to be able to take on-board with you, whilst retaining the existing dimensions for cabin luggage – although you may not be able to take it onto busy flights.

The existing limits on cabin baggage sizes will stay the same at 56cm by 45cm by 25cm but passengers with luggage this size will not be guaranteed to be able to store their luggage in the cabin and may have to put it in the hold.

The new restrictions of 50cm by 40 cm by 20 cm, including handles, pockets and wheels, will come into force from July and represent a reduction of 37%. All bags that fit these parameters will be guaranteed a spot in the cabin.

Confusing as this all sounds, the airline suggests that it will make passengers happier. An official statement posted on their website said: “The bag guarantee is a way for passengers to gain peace of mind that their bag will travel with them on-board the flight. The new cabin bag guarantee is transparent and fair to all our customers and the result of in-depth customer research.

“It's a relatively small change but our statistics show that we only need to see a small reduction in the number of larger bags taken on-board to have a big impact on the number of bags we have to offload at the gate,” the statement concluded.

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