24% of Brits will travel without insurance this year

Published on 1 January 1970 by Raffick Marday

Summer is here and new data on British habits regarding their holiday preferences have been released. Amongst other conclusions, the research reveals that people are travelling less this year and that a quarter of those who do will travel without insurance.

Next Monday, the 15th of August, signals the start of the week when the majority of British people who are spending their holiday overseas will depart. However, this number is 5.2% smaller than last year, according to new research by a leading insurance company.

Yes, fewer people are travelling aboard this summer than ever before. More than half of Brits (58%) are not taking a holiday overseas this summer. The majority of them say they simply cannot afford it.

In contrast, 47% of those who are travelling say that the economic situation has made them spend less money on their holiday than previous years.

Travelling with no insurance

Saving money by not taking out any travel insurance might be one of the most popular techniques. Research shows that a quarter (24%) of travellers say they will go on their holiday without insurance; a third of them (33%) don't even think insurance is really necessary and 22% think the cost of cover is too high.

Statistics also prove how misguided some people are regarding travel insurance: 11% think that the free European Health Insurance Card (EHIC) card, which provides reciprocal medical treatment in EC countries, is a substitute for insurance. In fact, the EHIC only allows access to state-provided healthcare in all European Economic Area countries and Switzerland.

The more prepared you are when travelling abroad; the more relaxed your holiday time is likely to be. Services such as good travel insurance or a travel money card can make your stay overseas much more enjoyable.


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