Brits spend £7.7 billion on maintaining their gardens

Published on 1 January 1970 by Raffick Marday

Gardeners spend an average of £297 a year each on the upkeep of their gardens, new research reveals, amounting to a total spend of £7.7 billion.

Each green fingered Brit spends about £73 on plants and flowers a year, £71 on landscaping, £70 on general maintenance and £82 on new garden furniture.

The items Brits spend the most money on is things like garden furniture – although the British garden shed is the most expensive item – present in 53 percent of gardens and costing on average £1,340, HSBC research showed.

“It may be a cliché to say the British are obsessed with their lawns but the presence and maintenance of a garden can often make or break the decision to buy or rent a property,” said Nicholas Leeming, zoopla business development director.

A greenhouse is the second most expensive item Brits keep in their gardens, as 13 percent do, on average costing £1,310, while a BBQ comes in third, featuring in 40 percent of gardens and costing an average £512.

“Even in the current economic climate we tend to buck the trend as people still want to spend money on their outdoor living space,” added Julian Tatlock, RHS gold medal winner.

Two thirds of Brits even admit to being inspired by TV gardeners Alan Titchmarsh and Diamuid Gavin. With just three percent of the nation paying a regular garden to keep their outside space looking nice, while six percent admit to having used a landscape designer, paying on average £3,904 for their services.

The survey also revealed, while 72 percent of us currently have a garden; a garden is very important when it comes to viewing new properties with 96 percent saying this.

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