Brits Seek Winter Break Bargains

Published on 1 January 1970 by Raffick Marday

A huge one in four Brits now plan their annual holiday during autumn and early winter to avoid peak prices and seek winter sun.

If you are planning a winter break investigate a travel money card to help budget your money abroad.

A quarter of respondents in the Halifax research study said they go away in the low season (October-December) to avoid peak prices, 23 percent for winter sun and 14 percent who believe their money goes further during this period.

Furthermore, almost 3 million plan a trip during this time to a destination outside of Europe and Russia and over 2.5 million hope for late sun in areas in the south of Europe and the Mediterranean.

“Low season holidays hold a great deal of appeal for those that are looking to get away but still make the most of their money,” said Ken Stannard, Halifax Credit Cards director.

“More budget conscious holidaymakers need to also ensure that they are getting the best deal on their travel money as well.”

Collectively the 11 million people expected to head off on holiday in the last few months of the year will spend over £9 billion on getting there and £500 million while they are there.

Additionally, 29 percent spend longer looking for a good deal when travelling at this time while 23 percent cut back on leisure activities to afford the trip with a further 13 percent taking on extra work.

Travel Money Cards

A travel money credit card enables holidaymakers on a budget to take advantage of good currency exchange offers and also prevent overspending while away.

The card user simply loads the card prior to departure with the currency of their choice and use in retail shops or restaurants as they would a debit or credit card.

The difference is there is no extra currency conversion charges for each purchase made and it is a safer and more convenient way of carrying money abroad.


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