Brits Miss out on Holiday Destinations due to Language Barriers

Published on 1 January 1970 by Raffick Marday

A new survey has revealed that British holidaymakers choose to avoid some destinations because they are concerned about not being able to use the local language.

holiday travelAccording to research by Skyscanner, more than 10% of British travellers have missed out on going to certain places because they think there will be a problem with the language barrier.

It is a cliché that British travellers leave a lot to be desired in relation to their continental cousins when it comes to speaking foreign languages, but the survey shows that 13% claim to be able to speak at least three languages.

Of these, French is the most commonly spoken, closely followed by Spanish and German.

Although the language is supposedly the mostly widely spoken among British travellers, France is one of the main countries that Brits avoid for fear of not being able to converse in the local dialect.

Spokesperson for Skyscanner, Victoria Bailie said: “It's a shame that some people have let their language skills dictate their holiday plans, as they could be missing out on some great experiences.

“With budget airlines opening routes to new destinations such as Russia, there are more opportunities than ever before for British travellers to experience new destinations this Easter.”

The survey also found that it is British men who are most likely to attempt to communicate in the local language when on holiday, with two fifths claiming that they are confident conversing abroad.

On average, women speak more languages than men but 28% say the last time they held a conversation in a foreign language was during their schooldays.

Ms Bailie added: “Being in a foreign country is one of best ways to pick up a foreign language, but it’s good to learn a few key phrases before you go as the locals always appreciate it. A simple hello and thank you can get you a long way.”

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