Brits Budget Money for Domestic Help

Published on 1 January 1970 by Raffick Marday

Despite the economic downturn, six million Brits budget their money to be able to afford domestic help, research reveals.

This research by Churchill Home Insurance comes following the news that Prince William and Kate Middleton have put their plant to recruit servants on hold.

Cleaners, gardeners, handymen and other forms of domestic help are hired by 12 percent of the nation.

Almost a quarter of those who pay for domestic help admit to doing so because they do not like doing the chores themselves. While for 31 percent it is more of a question of convenience and to save time.

“Even in these difficult times, house-proud Britons are finding the extra cash to help keep their homes pristine,” said Martin Scott, Churchill Home Insurance head.

“With millions of people working long hours, employing domestic help is increasingly seen as a necessity to ensure a good work-life balance.”

Cleaners are one of the most sought-after domestic workers with 2.5 million people in the UK employing one, accounting for around a third of all hired help. 64 percent of these Brits employ a cleaner to come in at least once a week.

Gardeners were shown to be equally as popular though, employed by 2.5 million Brits.

Effective Budgeting Tips

Those who require hired help in the home, as many parents are having to go back to work full time to afford the high cost of living, may find a prepaid credit card a useful budgeting tool.

Prepaid cards can be used to make purchases just like debit or credit cards, however, the money has to be loaded onto the card and the user cannot spend more than they put on it.

This means that they cannot go over budget without reassessing their spending, and they are not greeted by a bill each month.


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