Brits Boast about Being Poor: Budget with Prep Pay Cards

Published on 1 January 1970 by Raffick Marday

Brits prefer to boast about what they do not have, a recent survey revealed, showing many are proud to be poor.

Only a third would be likely to talk about how much they earn compared to 67 percent who would be happy to moan about how little they get paid.

The research by uSwitch also showed 79 percent are likely to show pride in how cheap their possessions are compared to 21 percent who boast about their expense.

People want to be seen as cutting back rather than big spenders, as 88 percent think it is cool to talk about how they have cut back instead of admitting they have not had to.

If you need to cut back on your spending, a good way prevent overspending is to use a pre pay card to make your purchases.

“In the face of economic adversity, keeping up with the Jones’ no longer means competing to have the most lavish lifestyle – it’s now about being seen to be poor and proud,” said Ann Robinson, director of consumer policy.

“Boasting about nabbing a great bargain or talking about how little you earn is in keeping with the times.”

Bargain bragging is also more popular among many rather than boasting about spending a fortune as 96 percent admitted they would take pride in telling people how little they paid for something.

When it comes to savings 72 percent would rather say how little they had as opposed to 28 percent who would proudly share how much they have saved.

Pre Pay Cards

If you are proud to be poor and find yourself talking about how little you earn a pre pay credit card could help you budget your money more appropriately.

After loading the card with money you can spend in the knowledge that it will not let you get into debt as there is no overdraft facility.


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