Brits choose autumn getaways over summer holidays

Published on 1 January 1970 by Raffick Marday

September has overtaken the earlier summer months to become the top month for going on holiday, new research has revealed.

Prepaid cards on holidayAccording to a study conducted by the Chartered Institute of Payroll Professionals (CIPP), nearly a quarter of participants said that September was the month they were most likely to go on holiday.

While 17% of respondents who participated in The CIPP 2012 Holiday Survey revealed they would ‘holiday’ in August, some 23% stated that September was in fact the most desirable month to go on holiday.

Only 13.6% of those surveyed said they would take a holiday in June, and the same figure applied to July.

While some European countries such as Italy wind down businesses in August so that employees can take some time off, Mr Lindsay Melvin, Chief Executive of the CIPP, confirmed that in the UK, September is the most popular month during which to take annual leave.

The research also found that just under half (47%) are planning to get away to the beach – following research earlier this month by which showed that 45% of Brits consider a beach holiday the ‘ideal’ vacation.

A whopping 34% of respondents said that their next holiday would be taken in the UK. The USA was the next most popular destination (11%), followed by Spain (7.4%) and France (6.7%).

Mr Melvin said: “It is interesting to hear that almost half of Brits have chosen to remain in the country for their holiday. This supports the recent and popular trend of ‘staycations,’ which may be a result of the ongoing fragile state of the economy and many people not being able to afford a holiday abroad.”

However, the research conducted earlier in August by found that only a quarter of Brits believe a ‘staycation’ is an ideal getaway – while 30% say that their perfect holiday involves travelling outside of Europe.

Nevertheless, with 16% of respondents to CIPP’s survey admitting they have no holiday planned in 2012, it seems the ongoing recession really is hitting Brits notably hard.

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