Britons Unlucky with Luggage

Published on 1 January 1970 by Raffick Marday

For some, packing is one of the most exciting things about going on holiday. It affords a chance to look ahead and develop a sense of anticipation about a much-deserved break.


But it turns out these people may be in the minority. According to a recent study by Travelodge, 82% of us find packing to be a stressful activity. And to make matters worse, it looks like we’re not even especially good at it.

It turns out that the average Brit spends £26.50 replacing items which they forgot to bring on holiday, with swimming trunks, jumpers and cardigans topping the missed-list.

This is especially surprising when we also consider that 52% of Brits will spend an average of seven hours packing their bags to go abroad before their big holiday.

So with all this pressure, it makes sense that six out of ten Brits have adopted checklist-style packing to ensure that they aren’t missing anything.

And while these checklists work for some, for others they’re still too nerve-racking – causing a fifth of all Brits to just throw a random selection of items in their suitcase, or ask a partner to do their packing for them.

But regardless of how methodical we are, it also looks like we’ve got a problem with packing the wrong things.

Over two thirds of Brits surveyed said that they return home with up to six unworn outfits – and up to three pairs of shoes – because these items turned out to be inappropriate for their trip.

This backs up statistics showing that eight out of ten female travellers won’t wear everything they pack, with many women typically buying two or more items of clothing during their trip.

There were plenty of other items which we have a tendency to forget, too. Bikinis, dresses and sunglasses were common culprits, while shorts, underwear, coats and shoes all found their way into the top 10.

If you’re going on holiday this year, make sure you don’t forget to pack a travel money card. These are preloaded with foreign currency before you travel so you know how much you have to spend abroad – you set the budget and the rules!


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