British Tourists Like To Exercise On Holiday

Published on 1 January 1970 by Raffick Marday

Lying around a pool isn’t the be all and end all for British holidamakers, a new survey reveals.

Prepaid cards on holidayAlthough holidays are seen by most as a chance to recharge their batteries and relax as much as possible, some use their trip abroad to help themselves keep in shape.

According to a new poll from, more than a quarter of British tourists visiting foreign locations choose to take part in exercise activities during their holiday.

The survey asked 1,862 UK adults who had been on holiday abroad in the past year about their exercise habits whilst on a break.

Good fitness facilities at the accommodation came top of the list of encouraging factors to keep active on holiday, whilst wanting to balance out excessive holiday eating came second.

However, the survey showed that of the third of holidaymakers who usually exercise at home, only just over a quarter of these keep up their fitness regime while they were away.

Chris Clarkson,co-founder of, said: “In my opinion, there are better ways to spend a holiday than to be exercising - after all, you are on holiday.”

The most popular exercise activities that people enjoyed on their holidays were revealed to be swimming, running on the beach, spending time in the gym and taking various exercise classes and yoga sessions.

“Obviously the odd swim in the pool or sea is part and parcel of a hot holiday, but people shouldn’t waste precious holiday hours exercising too much,” Mr Clarkson continued.

“There’s plenty of time to keep fit and work out at home here in the UK, but holidays are the one time of year you can really let go and forget about things like that,” he concluded.

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