British Flyers Want ‘Pay as you Weigh’ Prices

Published on 1 January 1970 by Raffick Marday

With the recent news that Samoa Air was introducing fares that took into account how much a passenger weighed, a new survey has revealed that almost two thirds of British holidaymakers would be in favour of similar measures being rolled out across more airlines.


The idea of overweight passengers being charged more money to travel on flights is closely tied in with the way in which airlines charge passengers extra for baggage allowances. The idea that charging overweight fliers would help airlines recoup the extra costs of fuel has also been championed by Norwegian academics.

Now research by online travel agency has uncovered that almost two thirds of Britons who had flown recently were in favour of the idea. 29% disagreed and 8% were unsure where they stood on the ‘pay as you weigh’ concept.

Co-founder of Chris Clarkson said: “Pay as you weigh flight tickets are certainly an idea that’s been thrown around for some time and I think it’s only a matter of time before pricing structures linking to weight are introduced.”

Of course, what you think of the idea may well revolve around your own personal image, and so those taking part in the survey were asked what weight bracket they felt applied to them.

The surprising result was that 21% of those who thought higher charges for heavier passengers were a good idea actually thought of themselves as overweight. Less surprisingly, 72% of the people in that self-defined bracket did not support the idea.

A further 9% of those questioned have a more thoughtful concern; that by charging less for lighter passengers it may ‘irresponsibly promote weight loss’.

Chris Clarkson commented: “It was interesting to see what kind of response such a scheme might receive and it was surprising that the majority supported it – even though many of those people were overweight themselves.”

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