BlackBerry banking available for RBS and NatWest customers

Published on 1 January 1970 by Raffick Marday

RBS and NatWest have launched a new banking app for all their British customers who use a BlackBerry Smartphone.

Some banks have started to realise how the use of Smartphones is gaining in popularity within Britain all the time. Therefore, they have integrated banking services into the world of these devices.

Brits who own a BlackBerry Smartphone can now download the RBS & NatWest banking app and enjoy multiple online services.

These services include checking your balance, viewing your last six transactions and even transferring funds between accounts.

Users will also be able to pinpoint the closest ATM if ever short of cash, manage and receive SMS text message alerts and even top up their pre-paid mobile account.

High tech banking apps

RBS and NatWest have already seen hundreds of thousands of customers regularly using their successful iPhone and iPad banking apps.

By launching this latest BlackBerry app, RBS and NatWest want to make the management of their clients’ money easier.

"We know that our apps are making everyday banking that little bit more helpful and convenient," Satyendra Chelvendra, Managing Director, Consumer Distribution.

“We've been working hard to provide the most advanced banking apps for our customers, so we're thrilled that we can the lead the way once more as we launch one of the first mobile banking apps for the BlackBerry,” she added.

It is hoped that a simpler and more efficient process for handling your money will help to educate Brits about their finances.

A recent campaign, called ‘Pay YOUR Way’, revealed the majority of Brits know very little about what common payment terms mean, and many lack confidence in how to make basic transactions.

A precise understanding of what the various British banks offer -such as bank account types, transfer methods, credit cards and pre-paid cards- can help customers to make the most of their finances and banking services.


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