5 of the Best Travel Money Cards

Published on 1 January 1970 by Raffick Marday

A travel money card is the new way of carrying money abroad, whether it be for a family holiday or a business trip, a travel prepaid card can save you money and help you budget.

Read our top five travel money cards, and how you can apply online and receive your card the next day.

1 Fairfx Anywhere Card

This Fairfx Anywhere Card can be used wherever the MasterCard acceptance sign is displayed anywhere in the world.

To purchase the card costs £9.95 for initial loads under £500, and there is a 1.5 percent charge on all usage, ATM or point of sale, but no additional charge for different purchasing mechanisms including ATM machines and online payments.

2 Moneybookers Euro Card

The Moneybookers Euro Card can be used not just for travelling but for everyday use to prevent you from overspending on your monthly budget.

There is no risk of accumulating debt as the user loads their own money onto the card, there is no overdraft and no late payment fees.

There is no application fee, only an initial 10 Euros to be loaded initially, and a 1.80 Euro ATM fee.

3 My Travel Cash Multi Currency Card

The My Travel Cash Multi Currency Card is also free to purchase, and is a Sterling currency card, with a 0.5 percent monthly fee and £1-1.50 charge for use of an ATM.

4 Rationalfx Dollar Travel Money Card

The Rationalfx Dollar Travel Money Card costs £9.95 to purchase however this is reimbursed to your card within 48 hours of you loading the initial funds onto it.

This card is free to use so you do not get charged per purchase making it a handy choice for everyday spending, in this country or abroad.

5 Virgin Dollar Visa Card

The Virgin Dollar Visa Card can be used wherever the Visa sign shows acceptance all over the world.

A prepaid travel card is a safer means of carrying money abroad as it prevents the user from having to carry cash on them, and if the card is lost or stolen it can be cancelled.

The Virgin travel money card is useful for if you go on more than one holiday a year, as it does not expire so you can use up the funds on it when you next travel abroad.


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