5 of the Best Prepaid MasterCards

Published on 1 January 1970 by Raffick Marday

A prepaid MasterCard is a useful alternative to a credit card for those who either cannot obtain one due to a bad credit history, of for those who are looking for ways to budget their outgoings.

The main benefits of a prepaid MasterCard are it does not have an overdraft facility, and the user can only spend the amount they loaded onto the card.

It can also be used as you would a credit card, anywhere where MasterCards are excepted whether it is online, in shops on the high street, or to retrieve cash from an ATM.

Take a look at the following prepaid MasterCards:

1 Cashplus Premier Prepaid Card

This Cashplus Premier Prepaid Card is one of the most popular cards in the Cashplus range with a set fee of £29.99 of which, following this, the user can make as many transactions as they like.

There are no separate transaction fees or monthly charges, and ATM machines charge only £0.99 in the UK for obtaining cash from this card.

2 Optimum Pay As You Go Card

This Optimum Pay As You Go Card has a smaller purchase price of £9.95, but has a 2.95 percent transaction fee, so if you are likely to only use the card for several large purchases this might be a better choice.

There are no monthly charges and it costs £1.50 each time to obtain cash from an ATM.

3 Phones 4 U Prepaid Card

If you plan on using your prepaid card on a regular basis, either daily or monthly to make everyday purchases, this Phones 4 U Prepaid Card is a good alternative.

After the small £4.99 application fee, there are no monthly charges or transaction fees, so you can use the card as much as you like, as long as you have the money on the card to use.

4 Bread Prepaid Card

The Bread Prepaid Card costs £7.50 to buy and has no monthly fees for using it, but does charge 2 percent on transactions and £1.50 on ATM charges.

5 Kalixa Prepaid Card

The Kalixa Prepaid Card is another good choice if you are looking for a card to make most of your purchases with.

It costs £4.95 to buy and then free for transactions and no monthly charges. There is however a £1.75 charge for using an ATM.


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