A Balanced Diet is Cheapest

Published on 1 January 1970 by Raffick Marday

New figures reveal eating a balanced diet is cheaper than an unhealthy one high in fat.

Over the last five years, BM Savings shows a traditional English breakfast has increased in price by 33 percent, from £12.40 to £16.55 on average.

In comparison, a health conscious person who eats five a day of fruit and vegetables, will have seen prices almost double from £5.39 to £8.85, indicating those with a balanced diet will have been impacted the least by rising food prices, with an average rise of 18 percent.

“With the cost of everyday living continuing to rise, many savers are concerned about the effect inflation is having on their saving pots,” said John Bianco, BM Savings head.

“The inflation Rate Bond enable savers to increase their returns helping them limit the impact of annual inflation.”

Grapes recorded the largest price increase of 91 percent over this five year period to 2010, followed by two English breakfast items, eggs at 82 percent and butter at 72 percent. Potatoes increased by 63 percent, while beef fillets and white fish fillets were the most expensive shopping basket items in both 2005 and 2010.

Budget your Food Shopping

If money is tight in your household and your income is being stretched with the rising cost of living, it may be an idea to shop wisely when doing your weekly food shop.

As the research shows, fruit and vegetables, and unhealthy fatty foods have both experienced high prices increases, so ensuring your family eats a balanced diet can not only keep them fit and healthy but also keep your finances in check.

A prepaid credit card is another good way to ensure you do not overspend on everyday items, as it does not have an overdraft as the user can only spend the money they loaded onto it.


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