Aircraft cabin case sales increase

Published on 1 January 1970 by Raffick Marday

As costs continue to rise for ‘check in’ luggage, British holidaymakers are increasingly choosing to travel light and use carry-on ‘cabin’ baggage.

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A new survey from the popular auction website eBay has revealed that sales were up 75% on cabin luggage compared to the same period last year.

One of the main advantages of not checking in any bags apart from the lack of extra costs is that waiting times at arrival are cut down as you don’t need to hang around while the luggage handlers unload the hold of the aircraft.

eBay’s study also shows that as cases get smaller, so do holiday essentials. No doubt due to the security restrictions still in force, mini toiletry bottles are popular, with sales having risen by 56% year on year.

Spokesman for eBay, Steven Heywood, said: “Cabin luggage has always been a popular choice on the site, however this year’s sales have soared sky high, overtaking larger luggage sales two to one and an uplift of 75% compared to this time last year.

“There are currently over 100,000 luggage listings on the eBay website, making this the perfect site to find your ideal suitcase to accompany you this summer,” he added.

Sales of other space saving accessories are also on the increase, with vacuum pack bags having seen a huge rise of 105% as travellers attempt to pack the most they can in the smallest spaces available.

The recent announcement by easyJet that the airline is changing its cabin luggage sizes restrictions in a bid to cut down the space taken up on board may come as a shock to many who have invested in new cases. The confusing picture is made worse by the lack of any conformity to airline size and weight rules.

Sam Baldwin, travel editor at SkyScanner, advised: “Be ruthless with your packing and only take what you really need.”

Taking hand baggage only is an effective way to keep the overall cost of your holiday to a minimum. One way to enhance this effect is to take a prepaid card to ensure you stick to a pre-determined budget whilst overseas.


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