AA Prepaid Card Launched

Published on 20 September 2017 by Raffick Marday

New AA Prepaid Card also a travel card

A new Prepaid Euro Travel Currency MasterCard has been launched by AA to make autumn breaks easier to fund.

This prepaid card follows the findings from a recent AA survey showing families are cutting back on holiday spending due to the rocky economic climate with 56 percent admitting to having changed or changing their holiday plans as a result.

The research also showed 25 percent plan to take a holiday in Europe rather than further afield and 25 percent are looking to take a cheaper holiday outside the UK.

Loaded with Euros, the new travel money card allows families to make savings on their holiday spending as it means travellers can avoid expensive charges when using the card to make purchases abroad.

It also offers a secure alternative to carrying around a wad of cash and unlike regular debit and credit cards there are no transaction fees when spent in Euros. ATMs are also free to use for withdrawing €50 for which under this there is a €1.50 fee.

“This is the best solution if you plan to use a card in mainland Europe and is ideal for a motoring holiday since purchase of fuel earns double reward points,” said Mark Huggins, AA financial services director.

“The Euro card provides immediate access to funds without costly exchange rates or other charges, allowing your holiday money to go a little further.”

The AA prepaid MasterCard also enables users to earn reward points which can later be exchanged for a wide range of goods, vouchers, AA products and services or cash back. Spending on fuel can earn card users double points.

The card costs £9.95 to buy although once the first £100 worth of Euros is loaded onto the card this is credited back, as there are no credit check necessary for eligibility anyone over the age of 18 can acquire one.


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