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Margin Rate1%
Minimum Transfer500
Transaction Fees15 per payment
Transfer FundsSameday delivery on major currencies
FCA Reg Numberyes

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Are Voltrex reliable?
Voltrex (VFX) handles online foreign currency exchange for business and for private individuals offering a reliable, guaranteed service with some of the best foreign exchange money rates around. If you need to send or receive a foreign currency payment then Voltrex can offer you better foreign currency exchange rates than most of the big banks, along with a professional level of service.

What’s good about Voltrex FX?
It's simple. Voltrex make money on the exchange rate spread, the difference between the buy and the sell rate. The only difference is that Voltrex charge a smaller margin and profit than other brokers and banks. Voltrex also eliminate extra fees, charges and commissions. It is also important to highlight that, unlike major banks and financial institutions, Voltrex don't have large overheads.

Voltrex Review

What’s not so good about Voltrex?
Voltrex deal with all major currencies but due to banking restrictions do not deal with all currencies.

What is Voltrex Customer service like?
The foreign exchange market is extremely volatile providing fluctuating rates per second. VFX specializes in providing market information and up to date news vital in assisting you in deciding when to execute transactions. VFX always uses the very latest technology to help manage your risk and maximize your opportunity. This allows you to benefit from currency fluctuations that move in your favor.

What is the Fee structure Voltrex FX?
If you are transferring over £5000 then you will not be charged, if you transfer under then any bank charges may be payable.

Can I trust Voltrex with my money?
Voltrex hold consumer and business funds in a separate client account making sure your funds are protected at all times. In addition they are authorised and registered by the FSA.


Voltrex Reviews

1. Open an account

To create an account with Voltrex FX, you can register online in minutes, which will enable you to make or manage your money transfers 24/7. During registration Voltrex FX will need to know some basic information about you, along with your reasons for transferring money.

Once you have completed your registration, you will receive an email to activate your account and will be on the way to making your first transfer.

2. Remittance information

Once you have access to our online payments system, all you will need to do is tell us the recipient’s account details, the currency and the country which you are sending funds and the amount you need to send.

3. Live quote

Based on your remittance information, Voltrex FX system will give you a live quote, so you will know exactly how much currency your recipient will receive.

Voltrex FX

4. Payment

Once you are happy to proceed, you will need to choose a method of payment. Voltrex FX have made this as convenient as possible. You can choose to pay by credit card, debit card or bank transfers.

Not only is transferring money simple with Voltrex FX but it is also secure and cheap, so you get the best price and your money is always


Voltrex FX Review

Additional benefits and Services for Voltrex

  • Free bespoke service - no cost or obligation
  • Dedicated specialist advisors providing a free consultation on your individual circumstances
  • In-depth, ongoing market information
  • Best exchange rates
  • Excellent levels of service including prompt payments and settlements

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