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Margin Rate1%
Minimum Transfer1000 minimum transfer
Transaction Fees7 fee for under 3K No transfer fees over 3K
Transfer TimescalesSameday delivery on major currencies
Financial Regulationyes

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Are UKForex reliable?

UKForex offers a secure and easy solution for your international money transfer needs. Whether you need to transfer money to purchase property abroad, you are planning to move overseas or have regular commitments in your home country, with UKForex you can transfer money to Europe, Australia and many other countries and get great rates and outstanding customer service around the clock.

What’s good?

International money transfers with UKForex are fast and secure and will save you money. UKForex offer great rates and low fees (and even no fees over 5k!). The maximum fee you can be charged is GBP £7. Every funds transfer is free starting from GBP3,000 or equivalent. Please note that UKForex do not offer overseas money transfers under GBP1,000 and no cash transfers.

What’s not so good?

UKForex deal with all major currencies but due to banking restrictions do not deal with all currencies.

What is UKForex Customer service like?

UKForex has a UK customer service desk so you can actually speak to real people if you choose! Whilst UKForex have many automated systems, they will contact you at least once to discuss and complete your international currency transfer and you can get in touch with UKForex dealing team 24 hours a day on business days to discuss the market, hedging tools or your transaction with us.

What is the Fee structure

If you are transferring over £5000 then you will not be charged, if you transfer under then any bank charges may be payable.

Can I trust UKForex with my money?

UKForex hold consumer and business funds in a separate client account making sure your funds are protected at all times. In addition they are authorised and registered by the FSA.

Additional benefits and Services

  • Register with UKForex
  • One of UKForex experienced dealers will get in touch with you to confirm your details
  • Book a rate and specify the beneficiary (where the money should go to)
  • Wire transfer funds to UKForex
  • UKForex will transfer your funds at the agreed rate to your specified account

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