Moneycorp International Money Transfer Payments



Margin Rate0.7%
Minimum Transfer5000
Transaction FeesStandard is 5 & Express transfer 9
Transfer FundsSameday to 48 hours
FCA Reg Numberyes

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Moneycorp Review

Is Moneycorp reliable?
Moneycorp are experts in foreign exchange and international money transfers, Moneycorp can save you time and money by handling the whole process for you so if you need to send money as a one-off payment for any reason such as buying a property abroad, moving abroad, moving back to the UK or paying overseas suppliers Moneycorp can help.

Whats good about Money Corp?
The currency market can be extremely volatile, with exchange rates changing by the second. Transacting when rates are in your favour can make a big difference, and timing is crucial. That's where Moneycorp comes in. Plus with businesses that make frequent foreign currency transactions and payments to multiple beneficiaries overseas, there is a custom online system to keep everything up to date.

Whats not so good about Money Corp?
Moneycorp charge rates to send your currency overseas using £5 Standard (3-5 days) or £9 Express (1-2 days) service.

What is Money Corp Customer service like?
Efficient is one word, see case study below

“My wife Linda and I bought a golf apartment in Soma Bay, Egypt in November 2010. They use this as a holiday home for ourselves, family and friends. We visit our apartment on a regular basis but we hope to live there for several months a year when we retire. In addition, make the purchase with the help of Moneycorp, who we chose following a recommendation by the Daily Telegraph.

What is the Fee structure for Money Corp?
£5 Standard (3-5 days) or £9 Express (1-2 days) service.

Can I trust Money Corp with my money?
Moneycorp hold consumer and business funds in a separate client account making sure your funds are protected at all times plus the main shareholder for Moneycorp is the bank so your money is completely safe. In addition, they are authorized and registered by the FCA.


Moneycorp International Money Transfer Payments

  1. Open an account
    To create an account with Moneycorp, you can register online in minutes, which will enable you to make or manage your money transfers 24/7. During registration, Moneycorp will need to know some basic information about you, along with your reasons for transferring money.

Once you have completed your registration, you will receive an email to activate your account and will be on the way to making your first transfer.

  1. Remittance information
    Once you have access to our online payments system, all you will need to do is tell us the recipient’s account details, the currency and the country which you are sending funds and the amount you need to send.

  2. Live quote
    Based on your remittance information, Money Corp system will give you a live quote, so you will know exactly how much currency your recipient will receive.

  3. Payment
    Once you are happy to proceed, you will need to choose a method of payment. Moneycorp has made this as convenient as possible. You can choose to pay by credit card, debit card or bank transfer transactions.

Not only is transferring money simple with Moneycorp but it is also secure and cheap, so you get the best price and your money is always.


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Additional benefits and Services for Money Corp

  • A rate of exchange better than a bank, typically 3-4%. That's approx an additional £30-£40 on a transfer as low as £1,000.
  • Easy sign up for Money Corp.
  • 24-hour access to live exchange rates.
  • Transfer fees to countries France, Spain, Australia and New Zealand from only £5.
  • 24/5 access to expert dealers from Money Corp.
  • Experienced dealing team to help guide you through your foreign exchange transaction, from start to finish.
  • Also, Complete online Payment tracking and tracing for Moneycorp.

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