Lloyds International Money Transfer Payments



Margin Rate3% to 5%
Minimum Transfer5000
Transaction Fees30
Transfer TimescalesSameday to 7 days
Financial Regulationyes

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Lloyds International Payments

Lloyds international money transfers.
The hustle of sending money abroad is all too well familiar to many of us. But sending money abroad should be the least stressful thing thanks to Lloyd international money transfer service. Among other services offered at Lloyd, this stands out as one that really helps individuals who travel a lot or have family or businesses abroad that they are taking care of.

The service of sending money overseas is free of charge and this is especially useful if you regularly send money to family or friends or if you are servicing a mortgage payment overseas. The recipient would, however need to pay a service charge depending on the terms of the corresponding banks where he or she would be receiving the funds from because of the differences in bank terms in different countries or regions.

Lloyds International Payments Review

You don’t need to be sending money to a recipient through in order to benefit from the Lloyd services though, you may need to transfer funds between your currency accounts and this service would be quite useful to you due to the ease of use.

You may send up to £30,000 in a single day and the maximum amount per transaction is of £10,000 or its equivalent depending on the currency.

There is a provision for making transactions online and it comes with a plethora of benefits. The currency internet banking allows you to make international monetary transfers from the comfort of wherever you are. It is important to note that this service is not currently available on the sterling but is available on all other major currencies worldwide which is great advantage of using Lloyd money transfer service

The International money moving service by Lloyd is not only free but very fast and this makes it very convenient. The security front is also adequately covered and Lloyd, before acting upon a request, thoroughly makes checks, security wise, to ensure nothing unusual gets by their system.

The international standing order allows you to make money transfers overseas, still free of charge, and people who make regular payments or have families or friends they are taking care of abroad may use the service that transfers the money automatically.

If sending money to a receiver whose bank account details you may not be familiar with or not in position to access, you may make use of the International drafts. This ensures that the recipient will still get the funds and the added advantage of hitherto knowledge of the funds being sent. Though the service is not as fast as the online transfer, it is still quite useful and all you need to do is send a covering letter with the draft which will take an average of five working days or ensure that the drafts are paid into an account with a name similar to the recipient’s. It is still quite easy and convenient to use. One important thing to note is that even though the sending time and process is pre set, availability of the said funds is entirely dependent on the country, the recipient is and the banking practices in the country.

Lloyds assures peace of mind when it comes to international money transfers.


Lloyds International Money Transfer Payments

1. Open an account

To create an account with Lloyds International Payments, you can register online in minutes, which will enable you to make or manage your money transfers 24/7. During registration Lloyds International Payments will need to know some basic information about you, along with your reasons for transferring money.

Once you have completed your registration, you will receive an email to activate your account and will be on the way to making your first transfer.

2. Remittance information

Once you have access to our online payments system, all you will need to do is tell us the recipient’s account details, the currency and the country which you are sending funds and the amount you need to send.

3. Live quote

Based on your remittance information, Xendpay system will give you a live quote, so you will know exactly how much currency your recipient will receive.

Lloyds International Payments UK

4. Payment

Once you are happy to proceed, you will need to choose a method of payment. Lloyds International Payments have made this as convenient as possible. You can choose to pay by credit card, debit card or bank transfers.

Not only is transferring money simple with Lloyds International Payments but it is also secure and cheap, so you get the best price and your money is always


Lloyds International Payments Reviews

Lloyds Bank can do money transfers to any bank in the world, you can do a money transfer using Lloyds if you are an existing customer where you can secure a better exchange rate with reduced charges if you have a Lloyds international bank account.

One of the main benefits of an international account is that accounts can be in sterling, euros and US dollars and with credit and debit cards in different currencies, making exchanging currency between your bank accounts instantly plus at the best possible rate.

The Lloyds table below displays the currencies and exchange rates for Lloyds daily updated. You can also use Lloyds Exchange Rates converter to get the latest conversion rates to or from Sterling.

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