HSBC International Money Transfer Payments



Margin Rate3% to 5%
Minimum Transfer5000
Transaction Fees30
Transfer FundsSameday to 7 days
FCA Reg Numberyes

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HSBC International Payments

HSBC International Currency Payments in the United Kingdom. Has plenty of commercial banks and building societies that offer higher interest savings to customers. But when it comes to convenient banking and faster transfer of payments internationally, no one does it better than HSBC bank. It particularly provides expatriates with a number of products including current account, savings account, cards, mortgages, tailored lending and more. With Hongkong and Shanghai Banking Corporation customers can also enjoy online banking services which enable them quick transfers of money.

Hongkong and Shanghai Banking Corporation Payments Services
HSBC Bank boasts of a fast, efficient and robust way of making payments both locally and internationally. Whatever the method of payment the customer chooses, the bank offers transfer services at the most current rates. The following are some of the key payments options offered by HSBC:

HSBC International Wire Transfers?
The bank offers wire transfer services to customers that would want to make urgent international transfers or same-day domestic payments. Regardless of where an expatriate comes from, wire payments can be settled easily with minimal charges. Here are reasons why clients should use HSBC wire transfer:

-Transfers are monitored and executed under strict security protocols

-The bank offers streamlined settlements with minimal delays

-HSBC has on-the-ground presence which, ensure efficient resolution of inquiries and issues relate to wire transfers

-Its advanced technological capabilities allow access to enhanced processing and low error rates

HSBC Automated Clearing House (ACH) Payments

This mode of payment is based designed to help customers cut down the cost of check printing and mailing costs. ACH allows customers to enjoy flexible, automated and cheaper non-urgent payments or transfers. The bank’s ACH payment method provides customers with versatile options for making payments for a variety of needs. 


HSBC International Payments

  1. Open an account
    To create an account with HSBC International Payments, you can register online in minutes, which will enable you to make or manage your money transfers 24/7. During registration, HSBC International Payments will need to know some basic information about you, along with your reasons for transferring money.

Once you have completed your registration, you will receive an email to activate your account and will be on the way to making your first transfer.

  1. Remittance information
    Once you have access to our online payments system, all you will need to do is tell us the recipient’s account details, the currency and the country which you are sending funds and the amount you need to send.

  2. Live quote
    Based on your remittance information, HSBC International Payments system will give you a live quote, so you will know exactly how much currency your recipient will receive.

  3. Payment
    Once you are happy to proceed, you will need to choose a method of payment. HSBC International Payments have made this as convenient as possible. You can choose to pay by credit card, debit card or bank transfers.

Not only is transferring money simple with HSBC International Payments but it is also secure and cheap, so you get the best price and your money is always.


HSBC Bank Exchange Rates

Hongkong and Shanghai Banking Corporation can do money transfers to any bank in the world, you can do a money transfer using HSBC if you are an existing customer where you can secure a better exchange rate with reduced charges. If you have an HSBC international bank account.

One of the main benefits of an international account is that accounts can be in sterling, euros and US dollars and with Credit and debit cards in different currencies, making exchanging currency between your bank accounts instantly plus at the best possible rate.
The Hongkong and Shanghai Banking Corporation table displays the currencies and exchange rates for HSBC daily updated. You can also use HSBC Exchange Rates converter to get the latest conversion rates to or from Sterling for all your HSBC International Currency Payments.

-Fast and reliable automated delivery of payments
-Provides payee with remittance notices for easier reconciliation of payments and invoices
-Unlike checks that lost or stolen, Ach provides a safe and forgery-free payment option
-Sensitive customer information is protected as more electronic payments made

HSBC Online or Telephone Banking Money Transfer
HSBC Bank allows its customers to transfer money to family, friends and other parties conveniently through online or telephone banking. Clients have the option of sending money in more than 20 currencies using up-to-the-minute live rates. With HSBC’s online banking, a client can make transfers of up to £50,000 or equivalent currency each day and in more than 150 countries worldwide. There no fee charged for transferring money online to another HSBC account.

Hongkong and Shanghai Banking

HSBC boasts as one of their UK’s Banks with better innovations, excellent products, and unmatched customer service. They strive each day to provide individual and business customers with the best banking options and payment solutions. For customers who would want to make transfers or payments internationally, they can try HSBC’s wire transfers, ACH and online banking. Transfers made using the most current rates in the market and minimal charges made for every payment made.

What a Customer Needs To Make HSBC International Transfer
For online payments, a customer is only required to log into online banking, select the account to make payment to and then select the send money overseas’ option. After that, he or she will be required to enter payment details and then review before confirming payment. Hongkong and Shanghai Banking Corporation transfers via phone are available for premier customers, advance customers and those using textphone banking. Customers can also make payments to a branch by simply making available their photographic identification, beneficiary details and payment details.

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