Bank of Cyprus Money Transfer Services

Bank of Cyprus


Margin Rate3% to 5%
Minimum Transfer5000
Transaction Fees30
Transfer FundsSameday to 7 days
FCA Reg Numberyes

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Bank of Cyprus money transfer service
The Bank of Cyprus is the country’s biggest bank having 1.21 Billion Euro in October 2016 in terms of market capitalization. First of all, It was founded in 1899 and is currently the leading Cypriot financial and banking services group having over 129 branches all over the world. They currently function in Romania, Australia, Cyprus, Russia, the United Kingdom, Ukraine, Greece and the Channel Islands. Also, The bank of Cyprus is listed on Cyprus Stock Exchange (CSE) and the Athens Exchange. In addition, It’s a recipient of a Ruban d'Honneur for Growth Strategy of the Year Award.

Most of the problems with transferring money through money sending banks and bureaus are the high cost. So although it is popular, they are usually associated with high costs because some offer uncompetitive rates of exchange. Also, Even some charge a highly considerable transfer fee.

Here are some of the benefits with the Bank of Cyprus money transfer service:

· Decreased/ Low Charges for majority of the Remittances (Controlled payments)
· They use an automated system. This means completion of the key details of the remittance is automatic. Compared to manual input, transactions through the Bank of Cyprus is more efficient and fast.
· Repeat remittances become easier since the Bank of Cyprus has a program that creates templates.
· They keep a record of all the remittances made in and out of the Bank of Cyprus.
· They offer fast and quick service.
· It’s affordable.
· Their system is secure and will keep your personal details safe.
· They offer accurate service and can process any type of currency around the world.
· They offer an easy and convenient way to transfer money 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
· Available in their internet banking service.


Bank of Cyprus International Payments

Bank of Cyprus For Local Payments Online payments effected instantly within daily limits within the Cyprus Bank and to other branches of the bank.

Bank of Cyprus Swift Payments
· Online banking transfers through their secure Internet banking or by coded faxed instructions.
· Offers fast service through a network of corresponding banks worldwide.
· Payments effected in minutes
· Automatic confirmation of execution received emails.
· Their internet banking provides an online status and swift copy of payments.
· Offers the most secure bank coding system.
· Offers Discounts through internet banking transfers.

Bank of Cyprus for SEPA Payments
Discounts/ Reduced charges are available for transfers that satisfy the criteria stated below:
Payment in EUR remitted to a European country valid SWIFT code charges shared ’valid IBAN amount up to EUR 50.000 normal value date.


Bank of Cyprus Money Transfer

Bank of Cyprus can do money transfers to any bank in the world, you can do a money transfer using Bank of Cyprus if you are an existing customer where you can secure a better exchange rate with reduced charges if you have a Bank of Cyprus international bank account.

One of the main benefits of an international account is that accounts can be in sterling, euros and US dollars and with Credit and debit cards in different currencies, making exchanging currency between your bank accounts instantly plus at the best possible rate.

Consequently, The Bank of Cyprus table below displays the currencies and exchange rates for Bank of Cyprus daily updated. Also, You can also use Bank of Cyprus Exchange Rates converter to get the latest conversion rates to or from Sterling.

They offer a wide range of loans from a housing, student, salary and business loans with very low instalment basis. One of the main products they offer is their money transfer service.

The Cyprus Bank offers the best solution if one wants to receive or make payments personally or for business in Cyprus or in abroad. They offer money transfers in any currency to one’s personal/ business account. They also enable payments to third parties, available in euros or in other currencies to customers with accounts with the Cyprus Bank, to other local banks or even to money transfers abroad

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