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Subscriber Identification Module Cards

Subscriber Identification Module Cards( SIM cards) are basically the link between hardware whereby it links the phones baseband chip and the carriers cell tower allowing the two to send signals and communicate. SIM cards are internationally identified by their integrated circuit card identifier, which is engraved on the card.

They also store the international mobile subscriber identity, a unique number linked with the subscriber and authentication key which allows the phone to communicate with the network and make sure the carrier recognizes and confirms the phone, encrypting all data transferred from then henceforth. Some companies offer free sim cards once one purchase a phone and, are used to authenticate ones GSM carrier and can be transferred from one phone to another.

A user that buys a new phone can install the current sim card to link the new phone with the same number and user preferences as the old one. Sim cards mostly store information such as the owner's identity, location, phone number, network authorization data, personal security key, contact lists and the various text messages. SIM cards also contain pass keys which one can create to unlock their Sims. They also have PUK( PIN Unblocking Key) so that if one makes a mistake and locks the Sim card, they can enter the third passcode the PUK.

SIM cards

Although SIM cards have seemed to remain the same over the years, they have been changing with every technology generation. There has been a significant change with the shift from 2G to 3G and now 4G whereby they can authenticate internet voice calls.

With companies that offer free SIM cards or free pay as you go, they try to help people use a Sim card without the constraint of a contract and a preloaded for a certain duration of time. It can be for a week or months.

Advantages and disadvantages of free SIM cards.

There are various advantages and disadvantages of free SIM cards. The advantages include:

• They tend to be compatible with any kind of phone.
• One does not have to deal with the hustle of long-term contracts.
• Unlimited talk, text and data by day or month depending on the plan one chooses.
• They help choose an option that suits one's lifestyle.
• Some of the cards come with free roaming and others up to 95% off.
• Its cheaper since one just needs to pay for the bundles, texts, calls and data that they actually require.
• One can choose how long they are willing to use the Sim.
• It is easier to pass a credit check.
• One can always shop around for Sims with the kind of deals they want.
• With some companies, you get to still use your number with your free sim card.

The disadvantages include:

• Various cards have various restrictions so charges may be more depending on the country.
• At times it is hard to find nano-SIM cards.
• Free SIM cards may not have some deals offered with the phone payment plan.
• Some free SIM cards come with expiration dates although solved through a simple recharge.
• 4G tends to have various restrictions.

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