White labelled prepaid cards

Published on 21 July 2012 by Raffick Marday

Setting up a white labeled solutions prepaid card

With our network of partners we have a growing matrix of card schemes that can fit requirements across USA, Canada, Latin America and Caribbean, Europe, Middle East and Africa and Asia Pacific.

White labeled programs

The benefit of having a white labeled Prepaid Card program is that cardholders believe the client is providing the service, and not a third party. Our partners manage everything from the application process to delivery and maintenance of the card program, where all the client has to do is the marketing and communication to its customer base.

Compare prepaid card programs can be tailor made to benefit a wide range of businesses, for corporate use from Prepaid Payroll Cards to Prepaid Insurance, Travel Cards, Retail, and Incentive programs. The UN banked sector is an increasing market where the customer stands to benefit from Prepaid Card products, as no credit history is required for application.

In addition to offering end-to-end Prepaid Card programs, designed and delivered to our clients' requirements, Compare Prepaid also offers clients a range of white labeling (branding) which can increase your brand awareness to your existing and new customers.

White labeling options currently offered to clients include:

  • Card design
  • Card carrier design
  • PIN-mailer design
  • Website design

Branded Prepaid Cards helps to increase your brand awareness with your customers without the large setting up costs to go with it and helps your customers to associated products and services with your brand.

What are the Benefits?

Introducing branded Prepaid Cards to your customers can benefit your business significantly. Some of the key benefits for your business include improved profits, enhanced customer loyalty, reduce existing payment costs. By setting up a payment card for your business, you can increase business brand recognition and portray your business as one of the larger players in your sector and provide an innovative way to serve existing customers as well as reach out to new markets. Prepaid Cards do not require cardholders to have bank accounts or to be credit worthy, which is why companies are looking at this sector globally.

Advantages of Prepaid Card program for your business include:

  • Creates brand recognition for your business
  • White labeling gives you brand recognition without administrative hassle
  • Cuts cost of handling and processing cash / cheques / bac's
  • Generate extra sales / revenue using card linked promotions
  • Enables you to promote brand loyalty by offering your personalised rewards
  • Earn income on transaction points, including cash withdrawals and purchase fees
  • Share in interest earned on sums deposited by card holders
  • Use information on the spending habits of your customers to develop new services and monitor spending patterns
    drive repeat purchases and create awareness of new products and services
  • Ability to "close loop" and restrict usage of card to specified outlets; or use "open loop" and enable use at over 24 million global outlets that accept Visa or MasterCard
  • Option available to offer unbranded generic prepaid card if preferred

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