What are fund isa accounts and how do they work?

Published on 17 July 2012 by Raffick Marday

What are fund isa accounts and how do they work?

What are fund isa accounts?

ISA accounts are usually a government-approved source for you to save your money without paying any tax on the savings. There are numerous methods of doing it.

The lump sum amount of your saved money you is limited for the financial year, which usually ends on March 31st. Although, people with age over 50 can save more than a total of £10,200 every year, all others have a lower limit which is generally of £7,200.

So but, provided a tax-free nature of fund isa accounts, you must ensure that you use as much of the allowance which you can afford to do every year. Also you should look for ways by which you can maximize your tax savings.

If you already had an ISA account previous year but you want to set up another one with a different provider this financial year, while retaining the current one. Do remember that that the total amount you save in fund isa accounts is limited by the amount you keep in that tax year, not the number of isa accounts you have.

If your contribution limit is let’s say £2,600, then this for a cash ISA will not be altered if you withdraw money from your account, even if you wanted to put it into another isa account. However, if you have accumulated only £2,000 into your ISA account and you withdraw £100, you can still put in £1,600 bringing the total up to £3,600.

So do not wait more and get fund isa accounts to avail the excellent benefits.

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