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Published on 18 July 2012 by Raffick Marday

How VisaPaywave Cards works

Visa pay wave uses short range wireless communication technology.

The cardholder ‘waves’ their card within five centimeters of the card-reader – and the transaction is completed in less than a second

For higher value purchases – for example, €15 (£10 in the UK a normal chip and PIN transaction is automatically initiated).

What are the benefits of for cardholders?

The benefits include:

Shorter queuing times
Quicker transaction times
Added convenience

Will I have to pay extra for Visa pay Wave?

Visa Europe has no influence over the charges or fees set by banks and card issuers. However, they do not expect that banks will charge extra for this service.

How does it work?

It uses highly secure short range wireless technology to exchange payment instructions between a chip card and a chip card terminal.

Although the transaction does not require a PIN, several sophisticated anti-fraud measures have been incorporated. For example, a pre-set limit for transactions will be set by the card issuer. This limit is automatically re-set each time a standard chip and PIN transaction is conducted. If this pre-set limit is ever exceeded, the terminal will automatically ask for a standard chip and PIN transaction to be conducted.

Can tips or gratuities be added to a payment?

Yes, subject to the capability of the terminal. The tip would need to be added before the card is presented for payment, as the total would be subject to the €15 maximum (£10 in the UK).

Can I still get cash back?

Yes if the card is being used for a normal chip and PIN transaction above €15 (or £10 in the UK) at point of sale wherever cash back is available. However, if you use your card for a contactless transaction below this amount, you will not be able to get cash back.

Will credit card issuers treat Visa payWave payments as cash transactions?

No. They will be treated just like any other purchase – unless, of course, the transaction is usually treated as cash (e.g. a foreign currency advance).

How do I know that only one transaction has been conducted?

All Visa payWave terminals are tested and certified to confirm that a card is only read once before the transaction is concluded. Terminals are designed to only make one transaction per card. As a safeguard, each transaction must be complete or void before another one can take place.

Will I get a receipt for a Visa payWave transaction?

Many terminals will be capable of producing a receipt, in which case you can always request one from the merchant.

Will my statement show which payments were made using Visa payWave?

All transactions will appear on the card statement like any other transaction made on a credit or debit card.

What types of retailer will accept Visa payWave?

We expect Visa payWave to be popular in busy locations where payment values tend to be small, and speed of service is a real priority.

Typically, this may include fast food outlets, sandwich shops, coffee bars, vending machines, car parking machines, convenience stores, newsagents, pubs, and transport providers.

Can I use it abroad?

Your card will soon be accepted for Visa payWave transactions wherever you see the symbol – at home or around the world. You can still use your Visa card for normal chip transactions orwherever you see the Visa sign

If I get too close to a terminal, is there any risk of my card getting ‘charged’ accidentally?

No. We have designed Visa payWave to ensure that the cardholder is always in control. your card must be ‘waved’ right in front of the card reader for more than half a second.

If a merchant doesn’t have a Visa payWave terminal, can I still use my card?

Yes. If the merchant accepts Visa, you can still make chip and PIN payment as normal.

How secure is my card?

Very secure. The chip on your card uses the highest level of cryptography and the latest smart card technologies. they use the same secure technology that’s behind chip and PIN.

Could the information from Visa payWave be intercepted during a transaction?

Visa only works when a card is in very close proximity with a card reader – making it virtually impossible for the payment information to be intercepted en route. Also, each card reader contains security technology based on industry-wide standards.

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There are around 88.7 million cards in circulation in the UK. The payment system is owned by 21,000 financial institutions. They also sponsors the Olympic and Paralympic games and the Rugby World Cup


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