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Published on 18 July 2012 by Raffick Marday

Wherever you are in the world, Everyone recognises your Visa credit card.

Visa cards are used every day in 160 countries, and are accepted by over 24 million merchant outlets worldwide.

Planning your trip is easy when you have a Visa credit card. It’s as simple to use when you are away as it is at home.

Your card is accepted at most shops, hotels, restaurants and other outlets worldwide. So there’s no need to buy foreign currency in advance.

Managing your money with Visa

A Visa card can even help you manage your money when you are abroad. If you have a debit card, the money you spend will come straight out of your bank account. If you carry a visa credit card, you can spread the payments over time, for an extra cost.

Many banks and organisations that issue Visa cards offer extra benefits that can be really useful when travelling abroad. Check to see if you have free travel insurance, or a money-back guarantee if something goes wrong with a purchase.

Pay in advance with a Visa credit card

Some banks offer Visa prepaid cards that you can load with a set amount of money these are perfect if you want to keep to a strict budget and are an ideal payment card.

Another safe alternative to cash are Visa Travellers Cheques. They’re a useful budgeting tool, and can be used anywhere in the world where you see the Visa sign. A Visa credit card and travellers cheques are safe, convenient and easy to use.

Ten simple Visa Credit Card tips to help you keep them safe:

  1. Before you leave, check the expiry date on your visa credit card, make sure that you have enough funds in your account or that your visa card payments are up-to-date
  2. Sign each Visa Travellers Cheque once when you receive it. Only countersign a cheque when you want to use it
  3. Photocopy your Visa credit card, travellers cheques and passport – keep these records seperate and safe
  4. Write down the telephone numbers for our assistance call centres.
  5. Do not keep cards, cheques and cash in the same place – that way you will not lose everything
  6. In crowded places, hold bags or wallets close to your body. Use a money belt if possible
  7. When you pay with your Visa card, check the information on the sales voucher. You are liable for the amount written in the box marked ‘total’, so make sure it is filled in before you sign
  8. Use safety deposit boxes or room safes in hotels
  9. Keep a copy of all sales receipts and check them against your statement
  10. Memorise your Personal Identification Number (PIN) if you plan to get local currency from an Automated Teller Machine (ATM) – and make sure nobody can overlook you when you are withdrawing money.


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