Advantages Associated With The Use Of Debit Cards

Published on 15 July 2012 by Raffick Marday

Advantages Associated With The Use Of Debit Cards

Debit cards are steadily replacing cash these days. There are multiple advantages associated with the use of these cards which is the main reason for its growing popularity. Most of the MasterCard as well as the VISA card companies offer zero liability guarantees.

Advantages Debit Cards Over The Use Of Cash:

The card holder benefit from the multiple advantages associated with the use of the debit cards. Apart from the convenience it offers, there are a number of factors which makes cards a useful option. Losing cash and losing a card is definitely not the same thing. Once you have lost cash, it’s gone for ever and you cannot get back the money. Even if anyone brings the money back to you, it becomes difficult for you to prove that the money belongs to you. The case with the debit cards is entirely different. Anybody who comes across the card can get in touch with the service provider calling the toll free number. Once the loss has been reported, no body can use the card any more. The Zero Liability Guarantee gets attached if the owner is able to notify the service agents about the loss of card before any outsider uses it. These are some advantages which cannot be expected in case of use of cash.

Use The Debit Card Overseas:

While traveling you will have to exchange currency for the particular currency of the state in which you are traveling. This opens up chances of fraud and also merchant fee. However, the debit cards can be used just like the credit cards, where you make all your payments drawing money from the bank account. When it comes to the use of cards there are no possibilities of frauds and merchant fee from the currency exchange representatives. Most of the hotels, shops accept debit and the credit cards. It is the global acceptance of the cards coupled with security factors that have made the cards such a popular option.

Online Transactions:

Transactions online are also made possible with the use of the debit cards. Apart from online orders, you can also go for telephone orders and the mail orders. The use of debit cards has made online transaction the first choice of many consumers. You moreover, need not worry about the confidentiality of your personal information.

All your personal bank account details are secured and you can benefit from online transactions without any concerns.


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