Top 10 Unique Prepaid Cards Compared

Published on 13 July 2012 by Raffick Marday

Top 10 Prepaid Credit Card Comparison

Before considering which unique prepaid mastercard to get see the comparison of the top 10 prepaid cards available. The best rated card is based on which prepaid credit cards consumers are buying on a regular basis from our Compare Prepaid comparison website.

A prepaid debit card is a kind of a plastic card that contains valuable information such as a chip and pin so you can withdaw cash or pay for purchases using your pin number. The prepaid debit card also has a signature placement on the back of the card so the owner can authorise to make purchases up to the sanctioned debit card limit. The main difference between debit cards and prepaid cards is that prepaid cards are not attached or linked to your personal bank account. Also the main difference between prepaid cards and credit cards is no credit line is issued so you can only spend what you top up on your card.

Compare Unique Cards before you buy

Visa cards and MasterCards the most popular pre-paid credit cards used and offer good value for money but there are other cards available such as prepaid maestro cards and electron pre paid cards but due to restrictions these are generally used for the under 18's market. In addition maestro cards and visa electron cards are not accepted worldwide unlike Visa cards and MasterCards.

Prepaid cards are payment cards that you top up in advanced if used they can add additional benefit if you want to limit or control your spending habits, also if you want to pay for goods online and do not wish to use your debit card or credit card then best prepaid cards are ideal.

Choosing the Top 10 Prepaid Cards

Visa cards and MasterCards are both established payment systems which generally use the same merchant locations throughout the world but MasterCard has the upper hand by allowing you to use at more locations than Visa even with credit cards.

MasterCard or Visa which one to choose

The way this works is that MasterCards and Visa card have set up business relationships with merchant companies all over the world with the help of which customers can pay for goods using a credit card, debit card or prepaid MasterCard when for shopping and also making any other payments like restaurant and hotel bills. These credit companies take the help of banks and financial institutions who are the ones responsible for actually issuing credit cards to the customers.

MasterCard and Visa Cards make the payments to the merchant companies where the cards are issued and they also take payments from a company that actually issued the credit card to the customer a special fee for making the payments on their behalf. The card issuing company charges a fee from the merchant like Master and Visa for issuing the card, an annual rental fees for the card and a special amount of interest on the amount of money that had to be paid out to the merchant company.

The credit card companies are actually paid by the MasterCard or the Visa Company and they in turn send the bills to the actual card holder. The credit card holder is lucky enough to never make any payments or cash directly to the MasterCard or the Visa Company. With the help of a master or a visa card, one can enjoy a discounted favored access to the sole and thrilling opportunities in entertainment, theater and dining, indulgent spa experience and also private shopping experiences in malls.

One can also have an access to the by-invitation-only special film previews, premieres and parties when you get hold of a World MasterCard.

Cardholders whose standing and money are endangered by an ID theft can take the help of advisory services of master and visa credit card companies. In the case of a credit card theft, one can also take the help of administrative tasks to correct the situation of a credit card theft and prevent any kind of damages.

In case if one ensures that he/she has subscribed to a mastercard or a visa card, they can get access to services like full coverage of legal costs as well as other litigation costs which can occur in the event of a unsecured credit card theft.


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