There are the two different types of cards

Published on 12 July 2012 by Raffick Marday

There are the two different types of cards

The percentage of credit cards issued day continues to escalate each passing day. A number of people appreciate the increased convenience of doing online shopping and business. Prepaid credit cards come in very handy when you have to make large payments. Therefore, credit cards are ideal for travelers, online merchants, individual shoppers, students and homeowners.

1.) Prepaid credit card: It does not supply a cardholder with any credit line. The user himself decides when to load the card and how to use his money. This is the cheapest way that cannot help build one's credit record.

2.) Bad credit card: Once you get this card, you will receive limited amount money for spending. However, you have to repay the money along with interest charges.

Moreover, since, the card issuer will keep records of all the repayments; therefore, this is the best type of credit card for building and rebuilding a credit history.

The card issuers only investigate your prepaid card status. Any aspiring customer who is willing to apply for a prepaid credit card must show his credit score.

Prepaid card shopping tips:

  1. Check the balance on your prepaid card: It is advisable to find out how much you balance you are left with. If you need to reload the card with more funds, do it right away. Almost cards can easily be reloaded via phone or internet. By checking your funds, you basically ensure that you have sufficient balance to make your necessary purchases.

  2. List down the card numbers of all your prepaid credit cards: Do it along with the customer service number of each card. It is because; carrying a credit card is much safer than carrying huge cash in pocket. Make a note of your prepaid credit card’s current balance and the customer service number so that you are always prevented from unwanted issues.

  3. Make a list: Yes, a list that incorporates all the items that you need to get on your shopping trip. Whether grocery or home ware products, making a list ensures that you do not overspend on products that you do not really want.

Make your budget, check your prepaid card status and go ahead for a great shopping!

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