Tuxedo Guaranteed Bank Account

Published on 29 November 2016 by Raffick Marday

Tuxedo Guaranteed Bank Account

The Tuxedo eccount banking account offers no hassle when it comes to managing your money, so we have introduced an online banking service where in a few clicks you can stay in control of your finances. Online banking means you can manage your money 24 hours a day wherever you are

Tuxedo Eccount Guaranteed Bank Account

At eccount banking they take your online safety seriously. Tuxedo ensure your eccount service is simple and secure to access. The latest security measures are used on our site to make sure your personal details are always safe It's quick and easy to apply for eccount banking. Apply online for eccount banking today and you could have your eccount open in minutes and receive your card in just a few days.
It costs £9.95 to open your eccount and there is a monthly fee of £10.

What are the benefits of Tuxedo Eccount

  • No credit check Bank account
  • Open to everyone*, quick and easy to apply
  • One-to-one Account Manager
  • Avoid bank charges and overdraft fees
  • Online Banking
  • Sort code and account number
  • Prepaid MasterCard Card
  • You won't be charged bounced payment fees or incur any overdraft fees.

How can I get a Guaranteed Bank Account?

Tuxedo Eccount is the first basic bank account where no credit checks are completed making it ideal for people who are bankrupt and require a bank account. Decide which of the bankruptcy bank accounts is most suitable for you and check the accuracy of the credit report that will be checked.

Getting a basic bank account with Tuxedo Eccount

If you have been discharged from bankruptcy then make sure your credit report shows this. If it doesn't, automatic credit scoring may mean you get declined from getting a basic bank account.

You will have to go to the bank with proof of ID and proof of address. You may also need to present a discharge of bankruptcy certificate.

Under the Banking Code if the lender has such an account available you should be offered a basic bank account "if you specifically ask and meet the qualifying conditions for one". It is possible that you may not be offered one and if this is the case you may be able to complain under the Banking Code. Also your application is likely to be declined if you have a record of fraud.

What Features will a guaranteed Bank Account Offer?

Some accounts offer more features than others, however, you can expect no credit facilities with a bank account after bankruptcy and at most a Solo or Visa Electron card debit card. It may be possible to upgrade from a bankruptcy bank account at a later date.

You should have access to Internet banking, telephone banking, be able to make bill payments and set up direct debits. The Financial Services Authority publishes a booklet with a list of basic bank accounts produced by the British Banking Association.

Alternatives i want a basic bank account with a MasterCard

Now there is an alternative for when you are bankrupt. Tuxedo Eccount banking is a basic bank account you get a sort code and account number and you can deposit up to £5,000 in to your account. The difference is that the Tuxedo Eccount banking account does not do credit checks and once your account is opened you get a prepaid MasterCard linked to your account. There is no line of credit offered and all you need to do is complete the application form and provide proof of ID. the account application fee is £9.95

Tuxedo offer a bank account even if bankrupt you get a basic bank account with one banking, no credit checks and instant approval eccount money is a trading style of Tuxedo Money Solutions Limited.


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