Topping Prepaid Card at Payzone

Published on 14 July 2012 by Raffick Marday

Topping your Prepaid Credit Card at Payzone

If you own a prepaid card and need to top it up then check what outlets you can use. Some prepaid cards allow you to top up your card at payzone which has over 25,000 outlets to top your card at.

Here is an example of some of the cards you can top up at Payzone

What cards can be topped up through payzone?

Eclipse card allows cardholders to share money instantly. Money can quickly and conveniently be shared with family and friends using Eclipse Prepaid MasterCard cards. Topping up your Eclipse card at payzone outlets will cost you 3% of the amount you load.

Optimum have reciently taken over easykard giving even more choice of price plans, They have a choice of price plans and card plans to suit most peoples needs. Topping up at payzone will cost 3% of the amount you load on to the card.

Hand over your card and pay the money you want to top up.
Always remember to ask for your receipt.

NOTE: A minimum top up of £10 applies. A maximum top up limit of £499.99 at Payzone outlets. Top up fees apply at Payzone top ups take one business day (Mon - Fri) to be available on your card.

How to top up your prepaid credit card at Payzone outlets

If the prepaid card offers a top up pack then see below and simply follow this 1,2,3 steps to topping up your prepaid card

  1. Take the pack to the Payzone till along with the amount you want to add to your card (between £20 and £500). A one-off fee of 99p will be taken off your balance

  2. Go to 'Your account' on the Prepaid card website

  3. Select 'Top up', choose the 'top up pack' option, scratch the panel on the card and enter the 8 digit code.

NOTE: Compare Prepaid recommends that you retain your receipt from where you purchased your top up pack

Top up by Payzone

Prepaid cards generally have the same uses as a credit card, so much so that they are commonly referred to a ‘prepaid credit card'. However, there is a difference. A prepaid card is loaded with an amount of cash you are able to afford and therefore the money you have in your prepaid account is the money you have to spend. This means there is no risk of running into debt. There are no credit checks and no interest to pay. All cards which can be loaded at a Payzone store are supported by MasterCard, which means you will receive universal acceptance both online and on the high street.

What can a prepaid card be used for?

  • Making purchases from shops e.g. groceries and petrol
  • Internet shopping
  • Paying bills
  • Withdrawing cash from ATMs
  • Transferring money to friends and family (MoneyShare)
  • Making flight and hotel reservations

What are the benefits of using a prepaid card?

  • No credit history checks
  • Safety - Prepaid cards limit risk and can be safer than carrying cash
  • Control - prepaid cards are an ideal way to control your spending
  • Re-loadable - Prepaid cards are re-loadable, so you can keep the card and use it for general spend and holidays
  • No debt risk - With a prepaid card there is no chance of spending too much as you are limited to the amount you put on your card.


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