Topping your Prepaid Card at Paypoint

Published on 14 July 2012 by Raffick Marday

Topping up your Prepaid Credit Card at Paypoint

If you own a prepaid card and need to top it up then check what outlets you can use. Some prepaid cards allow you to top up your card at paypoint which has over 24,000 outlets to top your card at.

Hand over your card and pay the money you want to top up.
Always remember to ask for your receipt.

To find your nearest top up location click on Post Office® or PayPoint.

NOTE: A minimum top up of £10 applies. A maximum top up limit of £499.99 at Payzone outlets. Top up fees apply at Payzone top ups take one business day (Mon - Fri) to be available on your card.

How to top up your prepaid credit cardat Payzone outlets

If the prepaid card offers a top up pack then see below and simply follow this 1,2,3 steps to topping up your prepaid card

  1. Take the pack to the Payzone till along with the amount you want to add to your card (between £20 and £500). A one-off fee of 99p will be taken off your balance

  2. Go to 'Your account' on the Prepaid card website

  3. Select 'Top up', choose the 'top up pack' option, scratch the panel on the card and enter the 8 digit code.

NOTE: Compare Prepaid recommends that you retain your receipt from where you purchased your top up pack

Here is an example of some of the cards you can top up at paypoint

The Sun prepaid card is the cheapest prepaid MasterCard on the market, only £6.49 to get your card and can be used worldwide wherever you see the MasterCard sign. Topping up at paypoint will cost 3%

Tuxedo offer several prepaid cards from a "pay as you go" to a guaranteed bank account. The Tuxedo MasterCard prepaid credit card costs £9.95 to get. Topping up at paypoint will cost 3%

Splash Plastic pre paid credit card only costs £5.00 to get a card and also offers cashback when you shop online at over 700 selected retailers. Topping up at paypoint will cost £0.30 per £10 you load on to the card.

The Virgin Prepaid MasterCard can no longer be topped up at paypoint outlets

Top up by Paypoint

PayPoint is the convenient and easy way to pay your household bills, top up your mobile phone and make other payments in cash.

Where can I pay?

There are over 24,000 outlets across the UK, all located in local newsagents, convenience stores and forecourts, carefully selected for their long opening hours and friendly service

What can I pay?

They collect payments on behalf of hundreds of organisations such as British Gas, EDF Energy, Prepaid credit card companies, TV Licensing and Central London Congestion Charge . And as well as paying your bills you also can buy and top up international calling cards, prepaid credit cards and top up your mobile phone.

You can make hundreds of different types of payment at PayPoint. Just tell the retailer what payment you want to make, if you have been given a bill, card or meter key, hand it to the retailer with your payment and they do the rest. You get a receipt for every payment you make, and your account is credited the next working day.

PayPoint's Retail Agents include convenience stores, newsagents, forecourts, off licences and supermarkets.

Multiple Retail Agents account for about half of PayPoint's Retail Agency network including selected stores with Co-ops, One Stop, Spar, Londis, Costcutter, Texaco, Somerfield and many other regional retailers.

The balance is stores under independent ownership or within smaller groups.

PayPoint processes, on average, over 8 million Consumer transaction payments per week. PayPoint provides the necessary technology, training and merchandising free of charge to Retail Agents who earn commission for each payment they take.

PayPoint has an active database of over 10,000 prospective Retail Agents who have either registered interest or applied to become a PayPoint Retail Agent.


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