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Published on 27 November 2016 by Raffick Marday

As life becomes ever more knotty, Think banking aspires to take the strain out of organisation your finances by providing a dependable, sociable, private service.

By making personal finance uncomplicated and clear for our clientele, we aim to supply a service that makes their finances clear-cut and easier to direct. Our intent is to continually innovate and advance so as to be the best.

If you struggle with your finance management daily and find yourself regularly overdrawn, then Think-banking is the solution for your problems.

With the Think banking account you can rest assured you won't receive any charges for unofficial overdrafts or unpaid direct debits.

With Think-banking you obtain all the benefits of a managed bank account plus your own dedicated personal money manager.

If you have been declined for a bank account by any of the high street banks Think-banking does not do the same. At Think banking they like to think differently.

At Think banking, they believe that everyone is allowed to a bank account and will not judge you on your history - so we do not even carry out credit checks. All you need to open an account is proof of I.D.

Benefits of Think-banking

  • Peace of mind - Our managed bank account ensures that all your financial commitments are being paid and your finances are constantly monitored.
  • Your own personal Money Manager - You will get a person, based here in the UK, who will be your single, constant point of contact for all aspects of your account. They are available to sort out problems in every aspect of your account.
  • An end to bank charges - We will never charge you for unofficial overdrafts, bounced payments or the like. Moreover, because we are looking after your account you can rest guaranteed the things you require to pay get paid.


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