Setting up a Branded prepaid credit card

Published on 13 July 2012 by Raffick Marday

Looking to set up a International branded prepaid card or credit card program, clients can chose to have a branded prepaid card solution complete with their corporate branding.

Corporate clients on a global level are now seeking advice on the most effective way to have a international branded prepaid card program structured to meet their customer requirements.

We currently work with principal card issuing companies in the UK in Europe and in the US and technology partners to provide Bespoke branded and co branded Visa & Mastercard Programs for a wide variety of organisations of all sizes worldwide, from banks to financial institutions to travel, recruitment and retail businesses who currently have no licensing arrangements with Visa or Mastercard, If you are seeking to enhance your brand and relationship with your customers and to generate an additional income stream by combining your brand name with a Visa, Mastercard or Maestro brand then we can assist you. Private Label Affinity card programs are a powerful way of conveying a strong marketing message to your clients and customers. Learn about how we can assist in implementing your affinity card program in 6 – 8 weeks.

We implement a wide variety of international payment solutions for companies across Europe, Africa and Asia. Key to our success is the continual development of monitoring the prepaid card market, listening to our affiliates and branded partners in the current market trends and finding solutions for your market sector.

Our partners have a global strategy aimed at maximizing the opportunities within emerging prepaid card markets. The multi faceted scheme matrix allows us to be in adherence to the rules and regulations regarding cross border issuing and ensuring compliance with the various financial networks and local financial legislation. Whilst most other program managers only work with 1 or 2 issuing banks and tend to be focused in just one country.

Branded Card Program application parameters

We assist with the development of both generic and bespoke white label branded card programs. Some of the most common card program applications we facilitate are as listed.

-Dividend / Incentive Payout – Employers, Contract Agencies
-Membership Based Affinity Applications i.e. Credit Unions
-Loan / Benefit Pay Out Applications i.e. Payday Loans Operations
-Insurance Payout Program, Pension Payout Program
-Commission Payout Applications - Network Marketing Organizations (MLM), Affiliate payout
-Travel Card Programs
-Remittance Applications

Prepaid Card Programs unable to facilitate

The card programs facilitated by we CANNOT be positioned for facilitating the following applications.

-E-Gold and E-Metal schemes
-Online Gaming / Gambling to the US
-Investment Ponzi / Pyramid schemes

If you are an organization considering developing a generic or co-branded prepaid Visa or MasterCard scheme then please contact us at Compare Prepaid where we can place you with a scheme that can support your requirements for the best offer in the prepaid industry. This program applies to whether your company is based in Canada, USA, Latin America and Caribbean, Europe, United Kingdom, Australia, Asia Pacific or Africa and the Middle East.

Looking to Branded prepaid card or credit card program, clients can chose to have a branded prepaid card solution complete with their corporate branding. Generic or co-branded prepaid Visa or MasterCard programs available worldwide.


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