Never Be Rejected For Credit Cards – Your Prepaid Cards Are Here

Published on 12 February 2012 by Raffick Marday

Never Be Rejected For Credit Cards – Your Prepaid Cards Are Here

Rejection always hurts. But usually it does so because we shut our eyes to the other better options available.

Many people today are being rejected for credit cards after filling out the application only because they have a poor credit score.

Many times people with decent income cannot make it as the bank cites some reason or the other. This setback seems difficult to overcome. The real quandary is that credit card has become like a fundamental need to be able to perform certain functions. To make reservations for hotels, motels, book airline flights and even car rentals, it is a credit card number which is sought. For any online shopping also it is essential to have a credit card.

The loss of credit card can make you feel crippled. It hits you in the face as if only people with a good credit score and with a suave credit card can fly or stay in the best hotels or shop from internet. Well, but while busy grieving, did you even know that you have a much better option at hand?

Pre paid credit cards is your answer to all the problems.

You can now have a prepaid credit card account. It is opened just like a checking or savings account, by simply depositing the money.

With money loaded in your account, you will be issued a prepaid credit card. And now, this can be used to do everything that a regular credit card would do.

Unlike a credit card, you are totally debt free and bill free. As the money is already put in your account, the bank does not have to loan anything to you, neither do you have to pay it back with exorbitant interest rates.

Actually despite the name credit card, functioning in principle of a prepaid debit card is like a debit card which is connected directly to the savings account.

In prepaid cards the only upfront costs are that when you want to open your account you will have to shell out a fee to set it up.

This amount varies from one service provider to the other. The range of fee is typically US$5 to $10. There is an additional fee each time you want to deposit more amounts in your account.

Prepaid credit cards have just one slightest limitation. You cannot pay for a monthly service, like your insurance, a mortgage, Internet subscription. This is for the simple reason that it is not assured whether you prepaid credit card will be charged with that amount every month.

But apart from that, all is well. So just grab your prepaid credit card and stop sulking over the credit card rejection.


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