Prepay Credit Card Comparison

Published on 1 July 2016 by Raffick Marday

Prepay Credit Cards

Prepay credit cards are in great demand these days. Individuals have started making wiser choices on their expenditure. The changing interest rates of credit cards each day have also compelled people to switch to Prepay credit cards.

With the emergence of latest technological advancements, debit cards have become popular owing to their usefulness. The MasterCard, Visa or Plus symbols are seen on these cards.

These cards are used to pay frequent expenses like for food and other smaller transactions. The use of these prepaid debit cards is a step towards a more paperless transaction system.

Now, Prepay credit cards offer tremendous benefits over other modes of payment. These are safer to carry than cash if used when travelling. You can also control your spending because there is a limited amount of cash in your account. Or we can say, whatever you load onto the card is all you have to spend.

These can be used like a credit card to make online purchases but you will not have to pay any interest fees for it. There are various named banks that offer debit cards on their website. You can simply order your card and it will be delivered right to your doorstep.

You will have to activate the Prepay card via your ATM or your bank. Sometimes a small transaction fee may be charged but you are able to save a lot of money with these cards.

All you have to do to avail these useful cards is check out our in depth comparison tables and you will come across various Prepay cards offering different benefits. You can pick up the card that has the lowest price and that provides you maximum benefits. You can get these cards at affordable rates and start planning a better future!

Prepay Card Comparison?

Are you a person with bad credit score? Do you want to improve your bad spending habit? Or, do you want to protect yourself from debit issues? Well a prepaid credit card is the perfect option for you.

A Prepay card can help you take better control of your finances in a way you might never have thought of. This type of card unlike credit cards protects you from debt issues, as what you load onto the card is what you can spend. You can simply apply for a card, with no credit check, from many of the reputable companies and banks you know. Different banks offer different benefits with prepaid cards, so depending on your requirements you can compare which card suits you best by using our comparison table.

Prepay credit cards come with a logo of master card or visa imprinted over them. This means that you can use these cards at all those stores where MasterCard or Visa is accepted, well over 28million locations worldwide. So that means, whether you’re paying a grocery bill or online shopping, you can do anything with your prepaid card. If you’re puzzled about choosing the right card for yourself, check out our comparison tables and compare four of your favourites.

These cards undoubtedly are an ideal way to move one away from bad spending habits. You can monitor your expenditures and use only as much you have in your account. Moreover, you can carry these cards without any risk. In a case where the card gets stolen you can immediately get it barred from the issuer.

Locate which is the best prepaid card for you: Make spending easier!

A huge part of current day livelihood revolves around the use of credit and debit cards. Today, plastic money such as Prepay cards have become popular for buying tickets, paying school fees, buying goods and services and for several other purposes. There is a massive range of prepaid cards available from a host of companies and banks that you can choose from.

What are Prepay Cards?

Prepay cards are those, which allow you to access your own cash by adjusting it against any spending that you may have incurred. These Prepay debit cards enable you to spend only what you have in your bank account, no more. Instead of paying in cash, prepaid cards allow you to securely pay using chip & pin as well as some of the latest cards benefitting from contactless technology. Unlike credit cards, these cards do not have a policy of buy now and pay later. In this case, you use your own money and there is no credit involved as such.

Prepay credit Cards

Prepay credit cards usually come with a VISA or MasterCard logo on them. These are widely accepted worldwide and the payments are made with the funds held in your account. You can use these cards for online shopping and there will be no fear of going into an overdraft or debt condition. You will not get a monthly bill with the ‘pay-as-you-go’ Prepay credit cards like you usually get with credit cards. These cards make you control your spending and protect you from all sorts of unwanted financial dangers that can arise from using overdrafts, pay day loans and credit cards.

So before biting the bullet, compare the different types of Prepay debit cards available along with their pros/cons and benefits on our comparison table. You can compare up to four of your favourites side by side to see which one tailors best to your needs.


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