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Published on 11 July 2012 by Raffick Marday

Getting Prepaid Credit Cards for your Business

A Prepaid credit card is focused on customer convenience, and they're available to everyone. no matter what your credit situation is.

People who previously could not get a payment card can enjoy the freedom, flexibility and security that come with having a Visa MasterCard or Maestro prepaid card. Prepaid cards also offer issuers, distributors and service providers an opportunity to extend their customer relationships and create new ones.

Visa and MasterCard have developed a number of prepaid programmes to help you gain access to the rapidly growing prepaid market. Many of these programmes offer 'ready-made' solutions for streamlined market entry, as well as the opportunity to customise solutions to meet particular business needs.

If you have a business and you are looking to increase the revenue income; or looking to provide flexability to your customers or looking for a payroll or payment solution for your business. Compare Prepaid can help you in setting up the right prepaid card program for your business. It is extremely easy with step by step assistance. No costly intergration services, know before you walk in to an arena we can assist you with full customer support and fulfilment for you so you can concentrate on sales.

Why use Compare Prepaid?

Compare Prepaid deal with all the prepaid card companies and we know the capabilities of each business sector so we can find the best branded prepaid card business for your needs without lifting a finger.

Types of Branded card programs

Payroll branded card program -

Payroll and incentives cards. The Prepaid Payroll Card holds enormous potential for payroll specific companies as well as numerous other companies with a medium to large staff contingency (E.g. Construction, healthcare and retail). Your business or companies' workforce could benefit from direct deposit on a Prepaid Payroll Card. Available in clients own corporate brand, Prepaid Payroll Card solutions also offer clients an audit trail for employee expenses.

Employer Benefits from - , it provides the opportunity to cut costs on processing payroll. This is especially true in those industries where significant numbers of cheques are produced and distributed. By providing a prepaid debit card, the employer is able to load that card with the employee's wages within minutes, efficiently and cost effectively.

Employees Benefits from - they receive the funds on a card rather than having to cash a cheque and it gives them access to shopping on the Internet or through the traditional retail environment. Cardholders do not need to carry cash around. For the non-banked, this solution removes the inconvenience and cost of exchanging cheques for cash, whilst providing the benefits of a Debit Card such as access to the online world of payments.

Insurance branded card program -

Branded Prepaid Insurance Claim Cards enable insurance companies and large corporations to issue Prepaid Cards to claimants to purchase replacement items in the event of a claim.

A branded Insurance Claim Card can speed up the claim settlement process while delivering instant contribution to clients' profitability. Insurance companies can solve disbursement challenges, reduce expenses associated with current cheque and cash issuing methods while maintaining total control over claim settlement by using an Insurance Claim Card solution.

Branded Prepaid Insurance Claim Card programs are tailored to clients' requirements, providing numerous settlement methods that are suitable for a broad range of insurance claim payments, including:

-Workers compensation
-Auto claims
-Home content insurance
-Employee health or compensation
-Dental benefits
-Major catastrophe
-Personal insurance

Branded Insurance Card programs can easily be combined with the enhanced functionality of the Prepaid Travel Card. This combination is ideal for the travel insurance market.

Closed and Controlled Card Programs

Clients can easily restrict claimants redemption with closed or controlled card programs (limited to purchases from specified retailers). This extensively diminishes the chance of insurance fraud as claimants do not receive cash.

Issuing Insurance Claim Cards effectively eliminates the need to issue paper vouchers to claimants to replace lost, damaged or stolen goods. This results in a more cost effective method of claim settlement as well as drastically reducing the element of shrinkage, while building greater brand awareness and experience for the cardholders.

Key features of the Insurance Claim Card include:

-Easy integration with current systems
-Issue reloadable or once-off disposable cards
-Personalised or non-personalised cards
-A number of currencies can be issued to claimants globally
-Can be loaded with fixed or variable funds
-Full account management using telephone IVR, mobile phone or Internet

Where speed and additional revenue are your primary concerns, we offer a series of standard products that are easy-to-implement and cost effective. These products include prepaid cards, promotional cards and payroll cards.

Let the experts assist you.

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