Prepaid Cards Reviewed

Published on 12 July 2012 by Raffick Marday

The way to select the best prepaid cards is to review them before you buy that way you can get an overall idea of what prepaid cards are available and to review and select the best prepaid for your needs.

As you review all the prepaid cards on Compare Prepaid you will notice that there are many types of prepaid cards available as the product has evolved to how consumers are using the cards. For example there are pay as you to cards, monthly subscription cards to reduce charges, guaranteed prepaid bank accounts and virtual prepaid cards.
Please remember to read the terms and conditions of the prepaid card provider before taking the prepaid card up.

Just a quick sample of reviews made by Compare Prepaid and the way to select the ideal Prepaid Visa, Prepaid MasterCard or Maestro prepaid card

Cashplus Prepaid Card

Cashplus has no direct link to your bank account and is not a debit card or credit card as there is no credit facility. Your Gold Prepaid MasterCard is a monthly subscription fee and is free to make as many transactions as you like and it's free to top up your prepaid card.

If you've been refused credit or find that you're only offered credit cards with a high APR, you may be suffering from a low credit rating.

The more loans you've successfully repaid, the better your credit rating is likely to be. Creditbuilder is a low-risk, low-cost way of adding a loan repayment to your credit history to raise your credit score. This should improve your chances of being approved for credit in the future.

With Cashplus credit builder you can increase improve your credit score and is free with the Cashplus Active Prepaid Card account.

Cashplus Offers Guaranteed Acceptance

-No credit checks
-No bank account required
-Bad credit history and bankrupt cases accepted
-Avoid expensive overdraft fees - Get a Cashplus Prepaid Card and stay in control

Pockit Prepaid Card

Pockit Prepaid Card is a prepaid MasterCard is a Free prepaid card that is not link to your bank account and is not a debit card or credit card as there is no credit facility.

So what's so good about the Pockit Prepaid Card? First of all it is one of the few prepaid cards that are free today, just complete the online application form and preload your card with a minimum of £10 to activate your account. Plus you automatically get access to cash back giving you instant discount to hundreds of retailers at discounted prices and any cash back earned it credited to your money express card account.

A Pockit prepaid MasterCard account is ideal if you are new to the UK, have had credit problems or looking to manage your finances with greater control. As you can only spend what you put in to your account.

With Pockit prepaid card offers no hidden bank charges and you won't incur any overdraft fees. Set up standing orders or pay regular bills through your online account also you can share money directly with friends and family with your prepaid MasterCard with a second cards.

Pockit Card Offers Guaranteed Acceptance

-Free Prepaid Card
-No bank account required
-No credit checks
-Bad credit history and bankrupt cases accepted


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