What is the best prepaid cards charge Foreign Transaction Fee

Published on 12 August 2017 by Raffick Marday

Do prepaid cards charge Foreign Transaction Fee

Do prepaid cards charge Foreign Transaction Fee

Any prepaid card (also called debit cards) you want to use while traveling abroad must have either the Visa or MasterCard logo, and all cards have foreign transaction fees. Right? Wrong! There are several cards to choose from with zero foreign transaction fees; three of the most popular even pay interest on your deposits. These cards are connected to checking accounts through reputable financial institutions and can typically be opened and managed remotely.

Benefits of using a Prepaid Card when traveling

In addition to the security of not having to carry a lot of cash, which is dangerous, using prepaid cards that do not charge a foreign
transaction will actually stretch your travel dollars. Fees can soar as high a $5.00 per purchase and up to 3% on ATM withdrawals; just thirty transactions can deplete your budget by more than $150. No foreign transaction fee prepaid cards will also eliminate any fees charge by the ATM owner and keep additional dollars in your pocket.

Interest Paying Cards

Camden National Bank pay the lowest interest on deposits at 0.05%; in addition the institution charges a $20.00 monthly fee and requires you to keeps a $2500.00 minimum balance. If you have a brokerage account with Charles Schwab, their high-yield investor-checking card may be the way to go. The account pays .15% interest on deposits, charges no monthly fees, requires a $1.00 minimum balance and there is no cap on reimbursed ATM owner fees. The Capital One 360 Checking Account pays the highest interest rate on your balance at .199% and there are no service fees or minimum balance requirements. While the institution charges no foreign transaction or ATM fees, it does not rebate fees charge by ATM owners.

The Best No Interest Prepaid Cards

First Virginia Community Bank, Bangor Savings Bank, and First Republic Bank are the top three according to Wallet Hub. None of these accounts charge monthly service fee or require you to keep a minimum balance; First Republic Bank does, however, pay .005% interest when you maintain a balance of $3,500.00. First Virginia does not rebate ATM owner surcharges, Bangor and First Republic do and neither has any stated cap on the fees they will rebate. Bangor Savings Bank offers two no foreign transaction fee accounts; the Business Complete account requires a $100.00 minimum balance to open and the Benefit account requires a minimum $25.00 minimum initial deposit.

Additionally, the Business Complete account assesses a $5.00 fee for every day that you have a negative balance; there is no such assessment associated with the Benefit account and the two are identical in every other way. Both rebate ATM owner surcharges to no stated maximum.


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