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Published on 12 July 2012 by Raffick Marday

How to choose which prepaid cardto get?

1 Choose a card based on your circumstances and not how the card looks, this can save you money.

2 Nearly all prepaid card providers charge an application fee, although a prepaid card may offer a low application fee check their card usage charges before you buy as it may not suit your needs.

3 If you plan to use your prepaid card more than 5 times a month on a regular basis then opt for a set monthly fee it does work out cheaper.

4 Everyone needs to withdraw cash out from ATM's every now and again, if you are going to withdraw cash then look to draw enough cash out to last you for several days rather than daily as it can work out expensive also you know how much you are going to withdraw a month so work out is it cheaper to get a fixed ATM fee or a percentage.

5 Check out how much they charge to top up your card and think about which is the most convenient way for you. Some prepaid card providers allow you to load housing benefits, child benefits and allow you to cash cheques on your account for free.

6 Look at the additional benefits if you are intending to use the card to shop on the internet you can save money with some providers, where some allow you to rebuild your credit rating.

7 All prepaid card providers have a full online system and a customer service helpline, be careful as some prepaid card providers do charge premium rates when you phone them and this can be expensive.

8 Prepaid cards do not do a credit check to get an account all they require is for you to pay an application fee and agree to their terms and conditions. They will require you to provide ID which is usually your passport number and conformation of your address, either by being registered on the electoral roll or having a home telephone number. This will be checked using automated services to confirm your details. On some occasions this may not work and they may require you to confirm your identity by posting details direct.

Review before you buy aPay As You Go Card

Please remember to read the terms and conditions of the prepaid card provider before taking the card up.

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