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Published on 12 July 2012 by Raffick Marday

What are Pay As You Go Credit Cards & Mastercard?

This is a type of prepaid credit card which you can top up and use as and when you require. On average, you are charged either a percentage or a fixed transaction cost when you use the credit card. This makes it ideal for internet shopping or spending within a fixed budget.

The Pay as you go card does not include a monthly fee so you only get charged when you use the card. You can choose a pay as you go card that offers low transaction charges. It is also worth considering also the ATM card charges if you are someone who withdraws cash on a regular basis.

Why Do You Need A Pay Credit Cards Today?

Are you bored of being pestered by bank executives requesting you to accept their “latest, special offer” credit card? Individuals recognise these calls as a credit card trap and therefore try to avoid them. After all, nobody would relish the idea of being caught up in the endless circle of potential debt and unpaid credit instalments.

But with the introduction of several user-friendly MasterCard credit cards in the market, users might just begin to change their opinion. This particular kind of prepaid credit card allows an individual to spend only a limited amount of money. Their credit card must be recharged on a prepaid basis. Hence, the chances of getting carried away and spending more than what your individual credit limit would allow are removed.

Other advantages of using the prepaid credit card are that they don't necessarily require an individual to have a bank account and are far safer than carrying large amount of cash. Anyone who is worried about carrying significant sums of money while travelling to distant places can easily make use of a pay as you go credit card.

With the facility of these credit cards, an individual can also choose to make online purchases. In certain situations, when the balance of credit card reaches the finishing limit, you can simply reload from a number of outlets situated throughout the UK. Before going for the pay as you go credit card, it is important to recognise that these cards carry a fee along with them, which is charged whenever they use the card.
Other necessary expenses which will be incurred while using the pay as you go credit card are the transaction and withdrawal fee experienced when purchasing something using their credit cards. But this minor fee is less important when compared to the numerous benefits which are provided by pay as you go credit cards.

Some other benefits of usingprepaid credit cardsinclude making money transfers to overseas countries quickly and efficiently. While travelling, it may be possible that you do not have proper access to the traditional ways of banking in a different country. In such situations, making use of a pay as you go credit card can be the ideal option.

Are you tired of your partner’s endless shopping sprees, where they blow the budget and make crazy purchases? You can heave a sigh of relief with your new card. Pay as you go credit cards help to keep the budget in check and avoid unnecessary expenses which could burden your credit limit further.


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